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March 16, 2009
Infested Terran by *Mr--Jack. From the suggester: "I think he did a bang up job - it's even better than the official design." It definitely is fantastic and worth checking out!
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Suggested by le-mec
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Infested Terran

latest in a long line :D

I was a bit worried about this one but seems to've been relatively unfounded, I think. I've worked out that this process is not for the faint-hearted; there were a lot of points during this painting where I just thought; nope, this ain't working . . . But I knew that all the others had gotten through that stage fine, so 'twas all good. A bit of different texture helped ease the monotony, too, so woo! to that.

I took a screencap so I'll put the video up tomorrow (I need sleep now). Enjoy!

EDIT. Video's up. Pity about the music, but anyways... Perhaps I shouldn't've used the album version.
You get the point without it.
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Nazgul34's avatar
just imagine a whole army followed by zerglings charging into battle 
YeetusSelfDeletus's avatar
glowyrm-prime's avatar
So good, so much detail :)
heavy147's avatar
How does that thing see?
trelian5's avatar
You just can't see the eyes from this view.
Randroid7's avatar
darkspeed54's avatar
looks like alex mercer found himself a marine suit :D
the appendages on its back remind me of the basic necromorph from dead sppace 
Well this is kindov a bummer.
Nazgul34's avatar
that scary but awesome
garyjsmith's avatar
I somehow have never seen this piece of yours. Definitely in my top 5
yefta03's avatar
poor soldier
im gonna end his suffering
VConcepts's avatar
Got to say, to this day even I find myself looking at this over and over Good Job!
RiceGuard's avatar
Alas.... For the Swarm.
Ashnelar's avatar
Awesome! i think you have really captured what Zerg is in this picture. it gives the feeling of ''grotesc-ines'' that zerg are. Love it! especially the tentacle that is crashing through the helmet also gives the feeling that the marine died/got infested under horrible circumstances. The best of all your work. Keep it up!
MisterScourge's avatar
I'm no starcraft fan, though I not a hater too~
But this piece.... I think I became the former.
SedatedRabbit's avatar
Terrible pic. By terrible, I mean it makes me believe that this man was once happy as a marine until he was brutally infected and now serves the Swarm. Mindless and zombie like. With a small thought in his subconscious that is probably still human, begging and pleading to himself that hopefully he wakes up from this nightmare.

I think I'm over thinking this. Awesome pic man!
Well, you aren't too far off. These guys have a timed life, and when they expire, they appear to shoot themselves in the head.
Forzatoadx's avatar
Nah, he's probably going like "serve the hive, fuck yeah!" every 5 minutes, having a grand ol' time.
SedatedRabbit's avatar
Well, that's a better view than mine, that's for sure. He looks like he loves it, except for the whole explodey thing at the end.
Forzatoadx's avatar
But they don't explode anymore in 2, don't they? They even shoot, I think
SedatedRabbit's avatar
Holy crap, really!
Forzatoadx's avatar
Yeah, there's normal infested humans, that claw things, and then there's infested marines, that are like normal marines but a lot slower. I guess they decided to not make them explode anymore since there's the banelings for that in this game
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