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Ice Planet 2002

Even though it apparently didn't run for that long, the Ice Planet lego sets were definitely some of my favourites growing up - such an awesome colour scheme, and their theme was just so much fun :D
Something like this has been sitting in my head for ages, and I was really happy to actually finally sit down and get it out.

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Would love to see an M-TRON version :)

Can you do an M-Tron version




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Wow, this is amazing! I was researching to do my own Ice Planet fanart, and stumbled onto this in the process. It's a little intimidating ;P

I like how she’s got some booty

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Absolute amazing!

Some Blacktron maybe?

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I didn't grow up with Ice Planet 2002, but when I discovered it, I loved all the cool transparent-orange pieces (especially those helmet visors)! You really brought it to life with this artwork.

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Not only great, but wonderful. I remember having their sets as a child, this was the time when Lego-Space was great. And you capture the feeling perfectly.

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They were my favs too.  
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My god, I had one of the big ships that my dad played with!!! Great work!!
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YYYYOOOO! They have the laser saw!!!
Man, I loved this stuff as a kid, this drawing really encapsulates the imaginative adventures I used to have with these sets!
Awesome work man! Found this from a youtube documentary about this series (you were credited ;P)
This beautiful, you've given substance arrangements of bricks and painted designs on figurines.

You've taken what I saw in my head when I played with the toys and made it real.

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Brilliant. Are you thinking of illustrating the Spyrius robots too? :D
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This is more then awesome. Surely brings back great memories. I personally loved this theme too.
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Oh damn, I remember seeing that theme in several tracks in Lego Racers back when I was a kid! Though I didn't actually have any of the physical sets to be honest...
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Oh man, this is a nostalgia blast. I still have my little ski's & chainsaw minifig burried in the crate of lego I gave my daughter. Rockin work mate.
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Me too, I recognized these parts instantly.
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Awesome interpretation!
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awesome. I had a lot of those sets
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