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Hydra Progress

By Mr--Jack
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Progress of this.

Anyways, enjoy! Even more self-explanatory since I did explain it . . .
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You're a monster Meow :3 
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Awesome tut. Love the hydralisks. Zerg ftw!
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Wow.....He's beautiful! :D
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When you talk about hue, color balance, and levels, in which order exactly do you do this? I'm not sure if your tutorial is backwards, you talk about them backwards, or what? Any amplifying information would be great!

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

- Alty
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mr. jack, thanks for sharing this... :thumbsup:
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Great resource for other aspiring artists! Thanks so much. =)
SuperRainbowGirl's avatar sketchbook pro for tablet pc??? i need a tutorial
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thank you, because of you I understand how i can speed up the paint and the improve the result ;), much greetings to Blizzard and make maybe something new, the storyline is always unique by blizzard but start maybe something new ^ ^
warcraft = past
starcraft = future
?craft = real time ? =)
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so ridiculously good.
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euh... awesome! :D
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Thank you so much for posting this!
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found it randomly at some forum @.@ and i fell in love.
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this is extremely helpful because i've only recently acquired Photoshop and i'm just now exploring my options so far as coloring and painting is concerned(it's painful to think of all the practicing i need to do and how little time i've got in which to do it), but the first couple steps intrigue me greatly; you're making a background layer out of a gradient and then you're creating a selection using masking by holding down "q"?

no, no, don't reply to all this nonsense, i'm going to have to study the damned tool-book regardless, but this is helpful. thanks.
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Glad to see you discovered my process folder - the best way to work it out is really just to play around with it but I do have a tut specifically on quick-masking which hopefully should help. :D
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argh, i apologize, i always loathe when people do not simply search for answers to their questions. i hadn't even considered that you might have a "tutorials" folder. you're an incredibly artist, Luke(i hope you don't mind), but i'm going to do some catching up, i would like to be your peer artistically. i am more determined than your average hobbyist; i have a better motivation.

long message, sorry. thank you for the very personal reply.
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In one word amazing but i have one question : what brush did you firs use in sketchbook (for the rough sketch :D ) and again what brush for coloring in photoshop ?
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In sketchbook I just used the standard pencil brush, and I was using a basic round brush in photoshop, with size / opacity set to pressure.

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You've used the basic round brush all the time :O :O :O ??!! no way . I read the tips but I've thought that you used the round brush just in that part :D . anyway thanks for answer my question, and please put the brutalisk pic on deviantART :D(if you can and if blizzard lets you, cuz i think that you do it just for the company and not for the public ,yet ;) )
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