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November 14, 2013
This piece blows me away in terms of design, composition, colour, everything. Amazing work by a truly inspiring artist! Heroes of the Storm by *Mr--Jack
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Heroes of the Storm

It's finally here! 
I created this piece last year while working with Creative Development here at Blizzard, for our recently-re-announced Heroes of the Storm (formerly Blizzard All-Stars, for those paying attention).
(The website doesn't have much on it yet except for a SWEET CARBOT ANIMATION, so if you want more info check out the Facebook page)

I had a blast working on this piece, and I'm super excited to get to show it finally - and really excited for everything else we're going to be showing off at BlizzCon very shortly!
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Love this crossover.

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man: get out DEM. im busy
DEM: busy? you are playing blizzard "ULTIMATE NINJA FOOTBALL STORM POWER RANGER 5" 
but diablo its the best game.
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Love the artwork man!
do you mind if i use it as a thumbnail of a youtube series im doing?
i'll make sure to credit you in it
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And no one replied...
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Bought the hubs a t-shirt from Hot Topic with this on it. He loved it!
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Amazing work!! how long did it take you to create this?
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Amazing! *w* D: how details and perfection!! congratulations is so ossom!!
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Just letting you know, some scum is trying to pass your work as their own in the Heroes of the Storm contest.…
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Hell yea dude!
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wow this is great!
Pencilartist37's avatar
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Arthas, Illidan, and Chen, all of them will be mine.

On the other hand, I am surprised and glad this was put on the main launcher screen for Heroes of the Storm, you deserve it.
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have an awesome weekend. If you could please share this feature, I'd really appreciate it, as lots of hard work goes into finding and selecting all the awesome art and running the blog. Thanks!…
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Our Community revolves around Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm so we would like perhaps a few characters from both in the picture and then our name "Infusion". (Think bright colors, but not full double rainbow) Specifically, I am looking for an image that will be the splash page for our website. (Basically an image covering most of the page with a marginal amount of borders).

Something lively would be great as we are more of a mature guild and have colorful personalities.

If you are bored and want to try this out I WILL DEFINITELY GIVE FEED BACK AND MANY THANKS =0 

Feel free to PM it to me and send to

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Great Work, do u draw all characters in defferents sheets and then u put them all together? If u do, pls publish that Sylvanas art cuz i want a wallapaper of her and its like the best art ive seen. 
Sorry for my english, i hope u understand what i wanted to say.
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Your art is so spectacular
DracowormArt's avatar
Awesome! That's one epic piece Clap Clap 
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