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Heavy Bramble

More Ashley Wood fanart!
His stuff is just too awesome :D

Photoshop over pencil sketch, a couple of hours.

process is up here if you're interested.
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Gritty. I love it.
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Three sexy super ladies with red hair and black leather?!?! This giant robot is certainly THE MAN!
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Woot I got a cydonia HB coming my way pretty soon, this is a bitchin pic! Do you collect threeA?
kodaddy's avatar
Very cool! Love the scale and the painterly application.
Davidpoet30's avatar
may i use this in a game and story
ForeverZeroDragon's avatar
Looks awesome. I can imagine this animated, it will look too cool if made ^^
JCHP's avatar
thaks for a tutorial
Sambvo63's avatar
You are totally fearless when it comes to proportions! This is an excellent combination of sturdy and sexy!
jimmyjimjimmery's avatar
Wow this is the standar I want to reach, I've just started out with digital art and I'm hoping to get into conceptual art as a profession so this is the sort of thing I look up to when it comes to learning myself. It's just plain awesome!!!
Rivenis's avatar
Totally awesome! love the Ashley Wood influence
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Effing excellent. I love seeing fanart like this because I get to see another great artist's interpretation of an already great artist's work.
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Holding the line>
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Why is it that robots with P.O.R.N.S.T.A.R. RPgs (no seriously, that is what that weapon is called) get all the ladies?
damn! i love the weapon :-)
ALA1N-J's avatar
Just plain cool! :)
DeeTen's avatar
Amazing work! I need to learn how to draw/paint the tomorrow queens. So hard :[
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Damn that's awesome!!

Bramble is my favorite bot design to date, and love to see it drawn like this!

awesome work!!
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definitely one of my faves, too!
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love this piece on Heavy Bramble!!! wish I could sketch and color like you :(
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