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April 25, 2013
Great One by *Mr--Jack
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Great One

I'm getting a little behind in uploading these, we're putting the stories out at quite a rate. Anyway, Ultralisk!!

Great One
Marine platoon Torch Seven drops onto the faraway planet Vygoire to find out what happened to a science outpost there. The planet is supposed to be zerg-free, and it is . . . mostly. But as it turns out, Torch Seven has enemies other than zerg.

I finished this while stuck in Australia after flying down there for the Heart of the Swarm launch - felt very odd to be working from 'home' home, that's for sure. Ultralisks are always a joy, though.
Higher res wallpapers available on the SC2 site if you'd like.
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Haotaus's avatar
Oh my gosh this is just arsom!! >w<

This has been my wallpaper since I saw it on StarCraft's website!!
NenyaSindar's avatar
Ultra power, ultra size, ultra hug. Give him some love!

Amazing work! Cheers!
Subt1e0ils's avatar
... so I guess Wayne Grezky will be added later... yeah?
Josefbajarias's avatar
you are so dead,30000000000%
omzig89's avatar
lol it could be that the brutalisk has only a few hp left ;)
Josefbajarias's avatar
Great one:HUUUUUUGGG!!
RaptorArts's avatar
Damn! id be running the other way! x..x
Amazing Illustration! :)
fenrirwolf88's avatar
Amazing! Excellent work!
saberkung's avatar
AsterBunnymund's avatar
elpachonisimo's avatar
templar127's avatar
YEP! He's fucked!
Malcho1234's avatar
You said enemies other than Zerg... I wonder what are they...
BRiZL's avatar
love the action here and design. great job dude! :D
maxwwy's avatar
MechaKingGhidorah100's avatar
I can imagine the Ultralisk's roars can be translated to "HUUUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!" XD
UnyieldingSteel's avatar
I haven't played Starcraft/Starcraft 2 in a long while, but this is still pretty awesome. You've got an excellent sense of scale!
superheroarts's avatar
That would be a nightmare to face a ultralisk like that! Bty good artwork! :D
Ranger24's avatar
Thats when you fall back, call in the battlecruiser.
GeorgeTully16's avatar
In my opinion, this is one of your best. The lighting, form and composition are so coherent. This is sick!
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