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Golden Fishes


My wife's just started playing Neko Atsume and the gold and silver fish currency in that made me immediately think of actual gold fish, so here we go! A combo fish study and materials practice - had a lot of fun so I might do some more a bit like this.

PSD is available over on my Patreon for those who want to take a look at that sort of thing; still trying to work out extra tier levels over there but I'll be posting all my finished stuff here as well.


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"It... it's fish, not fishes."

"Now you're makin' fun of me?!"


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Nine Thousand Four Hundred Ninth Six
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Nine Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Six
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Very well done!Clap 
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Holy shit... THIS IS AWESOME OoO
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What a beautiful drawing. So brilliant!
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This is the best thing I've seen in a very long time. It's wonderful 
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I love this.  They look terrific and I am believe that they swim in water.
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Wow incredible! :O
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SO PRETTY! I love how... well shiny it is! Lel, but seriously, the way it looks is so cool! Your art is amazing!
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wow, just wow. the colors are amazing!
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Very beautiful !!!@_@
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Very impressive work, especially with the lighting.
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Wow, gorgeous art work, Bravo!!
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This is absolutely gorgeous! I used to have two of those weird black fish with the bulgy eyes and I adore them :aww:
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Sucha  cool idea!
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Fish ^.^ not fishes XD
beautiful work!
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