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Finally something!
Merry Christmas to everyone, sorry I've been slack on both the art and responding-to-everybody sides but hopefully the new year will see some improvements on both fronts!

It's very nice to do some pencil drawing; this took a couple of hours (or more, the afternoon sort of slipped away) while christmassing up with the family, out in the country.
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aaamazing and beauuutiful
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Amazing pencil work. Nice shapes all around. :)
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That is so cool! I like how rough the strokes are.... lines going to any direction but the combination of it just complements the whole picture like it's the only way this piece should be done... Just perfect!
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ohh and one more thing that i love so much in this work is its light and shadows...
I will show your beautiful artwork to my Painting 1 class, all credit to you of course! your gonna be loved, playa.
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you know what's impressive about this? How subtle the pencil work totally buy the scene. What looks like a loose sketch has all these intricate little details like the fairy's reflection in the stream and the texture of the water under the broken tree. Well done. Seriously well done. I keep coming back to this one to look at it again.
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Thankyou kindly :)
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You have been featured in my first traditional and digital art feature.
Please check it out and give it a favourite if you enjoyed it.
Have a nice day! :rose:
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Congratulation, Mr Jack! Your drawing is delicious and the fantasy fairy-tale style is marvelous! I like the atmosphere given by the background, the landcape and the style of the little cute woman character is lovely! Greetings from Paris, france!
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This one is some unusual stuff :o Really like it! Makes me think about ferngully, the type of trees, the fairy :D
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love your pencil work.
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Really lovely, I particularly like the design of the tree on the left, so unusual!
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really enjoy your line and light quality.
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ah!, wonderful..
you should colour this.
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So very very very very very lovely!!! You're amazing :)
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I love the lighting and the different pencil strokes! Wonderful work <3
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