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Second day of February! Well, it's the 3rd now, but this is yesterday's piece.
Been playing some Banner Saga (and loving it!!), so something sort of in that vein - nothing too fancy with the colours, but it always takes me ages to get to somewhere I'm happy with when I try to do something simpler like this... I think I got there, but anyway.
Had a lot of fun!
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My new desktop wallpaper :) Thanks Mr. Jack :D
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Tell me, is the Giant/Troll/Ogre larger than the dragon, or was it your intention to make the dragon appear as if on the far edge of the valley? ('Cause that dragon looks like he's about to carry a butt-whoopin') I love the motion of this, the composition's v-shaped lines draw us into the fight between these two titanic opponents. Also, it's a one-picture-story, which is difficult for me to do, good job!
ArchivalMars2's avatar
I'm just going to say right now..... I'm rooting for the DRAGON
misterprickly's avatar
This reminds me of the glory days of Ranklin-Bass.
T-Tiger's avatar
Loooove the movement in that dragon!
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AngelicAdonis's avatar
That's pretty fantastic! Very nicely done! :D
KiD1515's avatar
Amazing... my new desktop wallpaper
SuperCJ's avatar
Banner Saga is a magnificent game
TacTheScribbler's avatar
Woah! The dynamic here is incredible! Love the sense of hostility between those two!
cactusfantastico's avatar
Reminds me of Bill Watterson's work.
RandomDigits123's avatar
I especially love the simplicity and clarity of the line-art.
thewillofb's avatar
Do you still use the same brushes you posted? Which do you use for line art and which for painting?
Mr--Jack's avatar
I pretty much use the same square brush for both :)
MonkeyBot9000's avatar
woah, I love the poses, so dynamic! especially the giant, it looks very natural
LongingForAutumn's avatar
That's amazing, the dragon looks so wee :3
OtakuMudkip's avatar
Wow. That is amazing. So simple yet it looks intricate and mythical.
Sikkwolf's avatar
That is really, really cool man!
BongoSkillz's avatar
troll guy is gonna win by a "landslide"!!!!! yuk yuk yuk! :D
Loopydave's avatar
Wonderful. Love the styling and colours!
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Awesome work here
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