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By Mr--Jack
A bit of traditional-ly sci-fi sort of stuff! Mucking around 'n all that.
(Though I just realised it's not retro sci-fi unless there're at least two moons in the background. Damn!)

Sort of warmachine inspired as far as the tech style goes, a bit less aggressive though I suppose.

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I'm always a sucker for these kind of designs on robots with arthropod legs. I just love the shade of blue used on it and how shiny it looks, like it just came out of the factor. 

It's also awesome how the pilot is suspended on the controls with a glass bottom - in fact, I love how the entire cockpit is essentially just a glass ball, which gives the impression of it being lodged in a shell or it replicating an air bubble coming out of it.
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Gorgeous colours and combo of hi-tech machinery and elaborate archaic patterns and designs. I dont really understand the commercial/merchandise aspect of this site but why dont you have any prints to sell? I'd definitely buy this. 
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That is a great work! Congrats

Check out our artists Supercompetition
You can win a Cintiq 13HD (we just introduced this new prize because we are missing quality stuff like yours)

Also our next contest is to find a boardgame script that would use one of the competing characters.

Tell all your fellow artists about it :) 
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Reminds me of dragoons/stalkers in star craft!
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Rad stuff man!
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Awe inspiring... In a more completed form, this could easily be a Magic Card. EASILY...
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Thanks for the ideas *.*
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I cant wait until I can make stuff like this just "muckin around"
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this is so epic!
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Great work, love it!
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amazing work. congrats on the DD :)
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I loved this so much that when I looked at this again I tried to favourite again and realised it was already in favourites.
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Absolutely fantastic. Jules Verne essence.
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200,000 leagues under the sea but in space. Like it. Almost Frezetta feel, but of course without the two moons.
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I like how you made the focal point more detailed and left the rest of the environment textured and more abstract. It gives it more of a painter like feel...Great work!
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Whoaw, Great design ! I like the steampunkish feel !
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Great illustration!!
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It's like a machine from some Jules Verne novel. Awesome.
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A very strange machine. Only technology or a little magic spell ?
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