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First, in my defense, it didn't start out as the Master Chief's helmet, half-way through I just figured someone'd point out the similarity anyway, so what the hell.

Just over an hour or so, a little exploratory vehicle.
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A bumblebee came first to my mind.
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Master Chief's helmet? I was thinking it looked a bit like the repair pods from 2001: A Space Odyssey myself, only with a more military spin.

For a mecha, it's almost adorable in a way...
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Heh this could also works as a really really bulky mech =P
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with very disproportionate legs. . . hehe.
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Thaaaaaaat's what makes it bulky :iconimhappyplz:
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I love the way you combine really rigid, mechanical subject matter with such fluid dynamic brush strokes. It makes the picture very interesting and gives it a unique character.

Do you generally paint at a fast pace with your strokes?
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Yeah; especially on something like this where I wasn't too sure about the forms to begin with, speed is definitely of the essence to get that flowing feel to a pic.

Thanks :D
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Isn't this CUTE vehicle on the Space Station artwork for MesoCosmos?
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Not quite; that thing was supposed to be the viking-analogue but I hadn't decided exactly what it was going to look like so . . .
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haha! nice. I want one of them to play around with(in :P) .

It'd be nice if the plates/armor or whateva had a teeny bit more colour to it, cause the really beautiful gold and the dullish green look weird together.. but it still looks so awesome .. me wants one
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Gosh! I haven't seen this! I really love the shiny golds... reminds me of some lego we have... ehehe....
uhh... yeah!
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:D I know the one you mean! Of course. . .

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Very nice unusual idea! I like how you blended all the different shapes on the left side of the vehicle (right side for the viewer).
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master chief is ok though
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:D exactly. So there you go, it's all good.
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