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Evolution of Abathur

By Mr--Jack
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We don't get to post a heap of behind-the-scenes stuff here, but while in London for the Heroes launch Phill Gonzales and I had an interview with IGN where we were able to show off some of our concept work.

Abathur's look in Heroes came over pretty well directly from Heart of the Swarm, but one thing that we had a challenge with was that originally it's implied that he's a huge worm-like creature that you only ever see the top of - which wasn't really viable in Heroes. So the concept ended up being pretty straightforward - we just shortened him down so that he can scoot himself around the battlefield.
One of the other things with Abathur is that with skins, you end up not actually looking at him while playing a whole lot (and the enemy sees you even less), so we want to add that flair to the symbiote and locusts as well so everyone knows what skin you're running around with.
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poszy6Professional Digital Artist
This is my fave skin in the whole Hots :3
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SilveraxeProfessional Digital Artist
Huge fan of Abathur <3 Love these desings
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gregor-kariProfessional Digital Artist
really enjoying seeing that kind of stuff!
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RoboMonkey03Student Digital Artist
Whichever one of the Sons of the Storm came up with the idea for Pajamathur to have "Choo-choo" Locusts... was a freak'n genius, lolz. My hat's off to you guys in the Blizz Art department.
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I truly hope to see more of this kind in the future. 
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PBEsteves Digital Artist
Abby is such a cutie lol. Love your art :)
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PepperguinProfessional Digital Artist
Will there be a Heroes of the Storm Artbook?
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rujiidragonStudent General Artist
I've never played any of blizzards games, but its cool seeing this type of concept art. I see a lot of concept art that is super highly polished, and almost photo real that it may as well be called an illustration. But its nice to see the quick energetic sketchy stuff and know game companies like that. I wish I could see this kind of art in my favorite games, but sadly most don't publish it.
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i was so surprised and excited when i saw abathur was a playable character. i loved abathur in heart of the swarm, and i'm glad he's being involved in more things
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emptypulchritudeProfessional Digital Artist
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minionsultdHobbyist Traditional Artist
I bought the pajama skin just for the little crawly trains.
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I'm insistently calling that skin Babathur in my head.
Somehow it just feels way more fitting. :P
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really fun. :)
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Really fun series.  Love the 'hit squib' look.
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