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Encounter Process

By Mr--Jack
So here's the process for the bubblegum battle image; a bit rougher than the last one, maybe 2 hours or so - you'll notice this is one of the few occasions where this process has saved something I decided against in the image - it's a bit funny but the way I save the process out is biased towards me being happy with each stage as I go along (since that's usually when I decide to save, if I'm comfortable with a small piece or whatever) - so you don't really get to see all the bits I do over and over and over again, hehehe.
Anyway! ~4 layers in Photoshop (including the final levels adjustment), original file is 4000px wide.

Final is up here -
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What kinds of brushes do you use for this? Its amazing!
Twinimation's avatar
Thank you very much for putting up your processes. THey are very educational!
serg's avatar
You are amazing!
I'd like to ask you about background of your image.
How did you mix blue stroke with purple stroke so there is a violet overlap? Did you use some layer effects?
I'd like to achieve a violet color between blue and purple like you/
Servaline's avatar
Question, why do you start with a general shape rather than a sketch? Curious as I'm thinking of doing it this way.
TakeItWild's avatar
I Like, but i also like the 2nd image, this posture :)
BiwerVincent's avatar
So how do you do these. I love them
jmac05's avatar
Great piece, I like the final render of the mech suit and sweet way to show the process!
DamienSaelak's avatar
Chrisfraserhd's avatar
Awesome. Love these process gifs
Max-CCCP's avatar
Ian-Summers's avatar
Cool! I love these little process vids.
ricedeviantart's avatar
its a shame that you did not pushed that fem night elf from fourth frame
maybe next time some wow love ;)
MatchLight's avatar
Your processes are very helpful--and awesome. Now to teach myself to do this...
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