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Curse of Naxxramas

I'm very excited to be able to share this (and so soon after I finished work on it!) - we announced Adventure Mode coming for Hearthstone this morning at PAX East, with The Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure!

Hit download for a desktop-res version, if you want.
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Wheres Kel'Thuzad? I assume the face in the smoke above Heigan the Unclean?
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Really nice, great job on the lighting especially.
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"whispers of an ancient tomb, holding horrors in every room, ghastly ghouls, poison, galore! but in the shadows, lurks something more, knights of death and abominations! cleaving your bits for new creations! and if, by chance, you should survive theres pleanty of sweet loot inside!"
even though i havent got any keys, curse of naxxramas is my favorite.
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also i love horror stuff so its the perfect place to take my mind off things. and slaughter some monsters.
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naxxramas is my favorite place to go to in world of warcraft because it reminds me of a haunted mansion filled with unknown terrors and i should know. it is litterally one of the most awsome places i have ever seen!!!
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I actually just finished clearing the construct quarter. Hearthstone has been super fun so far. Its the first CCG I'm actually sort of good at.
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This looks amazing! Great work!
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This is awesome. Love the flow and style accompanied by the great lighting usage :)
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Well Met 4Head! Great work
Oh my!  I'd just fired up Hearthstone, in fact!
CelesteCorinne's avatar
I am so excited for the 1 player mode! :heart:

Amazing art.
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Well played... Ah! I mean great work.
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Someone already cut Rivendare out of this and used the image for his page on Wowpedia...

Now he looks like a pansy who's afraid of giant, man-eating Scourge spiders.
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Will we fight Kel'thuzad at the end? Will he have Michael McConnohie's voice?

Kel is one of my favorite Warcraft characters.
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I'm a huge fan of these bright colors and character expressions! Great work! :D
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that spider still freaks me the fuck out
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Awesome work, I love the colour palette on this. Besides that the scene just plain rocks...:thumbsup:
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great how that abomination is stitched up with HS cards ;p    
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