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Cliffside Ramble

Ahh, feeling a bit generic this time, but it was late last night and I'd had a fairly hectic weekend so hey ^_^
Nothing like some dinosaurs! Was going to be a bit more involved but I erased half of it, so there you go.

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Evodolka's avatar
love the art style :D
chakradiehardfan's avatar
What kind of dinosaur is it?
love this pick, I hope you dont mind but i referenced it for a watercolour painting I did here:…
Falken02's avatar
Love the style and the colors!
but, which dinosaur is this?
squawkwardd's avatar
Looks amazing! I love your dino art! :D
volker03's avatar
great. I never will meet this creature. Great!
ScriptorSapiens's avatar
The distance fading is beautiful and really sets the mood
c-compiler's avatar
I love that sketchy style, which expresses dynamic.
CristiVonSophistiche's avatar
NixKat's avatar
Very pretty.
utriv's avatar
This is cool! Love a good dino pic once in a while!
lamperouge0's avatar
awesome dinosaur!
Eidolon1's avatar
Gehrijos's avatar
This one likes it... very much!
Janhaakon's avatar
Allosaur? :) really great work!
GilmourApatosaur's avatar
Love the details and medium used!:thumbsup:
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Venishi's avatar
Where are the feather? [link]
Angela239's avatar
Where is your Grammar? ;P
Bastidores's avatar
I love your dinosaurs. Please keep them coming!
Satyrtail's avatar
Wow, that is amazing, brilliant anatomy and lighting 8D
flynn1978's avatar
Cynderlover20's avatar
this is amazing, i love dinosaurs!
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