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Cephalopod Process

Process for the this piece :D
About 3 hours, photoshop CS4.

Final is here

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i wish these were videos instead of jumpcut gifs but i can study these none the less ^^ thanks for posting.
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Was this conceptualized before, or during, the process? It looks like you blocked in the color first, and then sketched the outlines.
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I must fave for great justice...
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Mah hed just am explodered.
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Damn I hate you ...and that's probably the best compliment I can give you so please take it as such :P
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Hi Mr. Jack,
I know you have many and many massages here, but on youtube one time you answered me, so I'll try again here ^^
Seeing this, I think it's a "freestyle". Do you can draw without references, and no having a idea what you will do?
Second question (last one^^) do you think draw just a hour every day is not enough for learn to draw? (with my job I can do just that....)
Thaaaaanks a lot for your time of reading this, can't wait for new stuff, thats really inspire me :D

Giacomo "Mura" (from North Italy)
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always educational, Mr-J.
keep it up!!
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So what tool do u use to do the line work n stuff, my teacher insists on making us use the pen tool in adobe illustrator which gives an illustration a very rigid look, help me out :) thnx, LOVVVV ur work btw
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thanks for this !! great progress
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I was so dazzled by how beautiful and stylish this is.

......Until I saw the eels. Then I freaked out.
I have such a bad phobia of them...

Lovely picture nonetheless~
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I love these processes! They're so informative and cool to watch.
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If you'd make a Youtube channel with your speed paint processes I would definitely subscribe
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I would love to see a normal speed video of you painting something like this. I have questions that it would answer much better than words.
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Great work. I have been fiddling around with some mermaid concepts myself. I like this a lot.
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Thanks for this. It was helpful.
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That just blew my mind. :O
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three hours well spent.
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So awesome! Thanks for sharing this. :D
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