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Broken Wide

By Mr--Jack
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SO! I know some of you've seen it already 'cause I got some comments about it earlier today, but here goes -
The first official piece I've done for Blizzard has been put up on the SC2 site to illustrate a story on the history of the Baneling.
A higher res version can be found there also.

Starcraft etc © Blizzard Entertainment
Enjoy! :D
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© 2010 - 2021 Mr--Jack
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tsumefan2's avatar
i was gonna say they look just like banelings XD
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Yeah, creating breaches is the their forté ;p
Ryuukin's avatar
Love the zerg!
Greatkingrat88's avatar
My favourite unit in the entire game :D
Stormythepsycho's avatar
*downloads and makes desktop wallpaper*
Naos76's avatar
OOoooh ! I'm remember this story ! So you're the man who draw that ! Congratulation ! ;)

PS : I hate Banelings xD (i love play them of course)
Roskvape's avatar
I know this was years ago, but congrats! You deserve it! Do you think you could post that picture you did for Heaven's Devils where Jimmy and Tychus are suited up and in battle together? That's one of my favorite Blizzard pieces of all time!
dethdealer27's avatar
i wish i could work there. I have alot of artwork that needs to get noticed. when i get around to posting it, plz let me know what u think and if theres a chance i could do what your doing some day.
rmasoni's avatar
Wow! I wish someday I can do some work for Blizzard! Congratulations! That's beyond awesome!
Chibipocalypse's avatar
aah banelings. hot keyed land mines all over teh map <3 btw this is F***ing epic
ijustloveit619's avatar
Terran: Dang, keeps getting us with banes :/
Me: Muahahahhaa!
ChrisLeeReuther's avatar
StarcraftRevoK's avatar
and il be like banelings, banelings, banelings woo
tennex1022's avatar
have my babies
Yet another awesome work. Thanks!
Syrilus's avatar
A great piece of art !

Actually how long does it take you to finish such a piece, from the initial tought off ?
Roughly :)

Moreover what inspiration do you have ? Did you see some other baneling concepts before I guess ?

greetings and have a nice day !
carnival's avatar
soorsum and ROLLY! X'3 heheeeeeeee superb artwork as usual Jacku :'3
Pi-me's avatar
This pic was used in latest Atomic magazine 3 times! It was obviously used to promote SC2's single player campaign but nother less, it was your work and it was in the printed form. Bought the mag of course. if you want pics (rare case) i'll send ya some photos.
Mr--Jack's avatar
Haha :D that's awesome!
Yeah, pics would be great! I've seen it online of course but it'll be cool to see used elsewhere as well!
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