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Blackrock Mountain

Here we go! Almost a year after the first Hearthstone Adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, was announced at PAX East, the tradition continues with the just-unveiled Blackrock Mountain!

I for one can't wait to play and get those sweet sweet cards and card backs, and I had a blast working on this!
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If this girl in corner is Ysera, then she must pick herself and kick the ass of these 2!
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is that tyrande in the corner...?
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What if Ysa-sama? 
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nah no horns not her.
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Or she would kick their asses soon.
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ohh sweet!! When I saw this piece online i went all over the net to try and figure out who did it! I absolutely love the way the explosions are handled and the movement is insane!!
Turns out and sitting down for a drink at the blackrock depths bar was a bad idea.
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I can really tell this was a fun picture to work on ^^
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Wow the detail in the fire is ace!
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Awesome! I love your art!
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Awesome stuff man!  Been using your "splerdge" brush quite a lot.  Doing wonders for my work :)
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lol that little dragon ^o^
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This is going to be awesome and I really am looking forward to this expansion.
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"have you heard the rumblings. the mountain stirs once more. beneath its crags, cliffs and rocks, theres evil in its core! fire made flesh, dragon breaths, teeth and claws and flame, calling any heroes out there who are brave! or just insane! black rock mountain: a hearthstone adventure!".
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Great work as always, man! Love the stylized fire shapes on the Grell's hand.
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Awesome (and funny) picture.
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How was that ork dude expecting to eat with teeth bigger than his face?
DeuxIchthys's avatar
hahahaha, he won't be able to chew very well
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Molten Baymax!!
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