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Big Blue Process

By Mr--Jack
Process for the dragon. Photoshop CS4, a bit under 2 hours.
Pencil sketch is here.

(it's a big file, so might take a bit to load; hit download if it's not working, hopefully that should help)

Final is here :D

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Man, awesome work! :meow:
Would like to hear your thoughts on my process if you find the time:…
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*takoví špek z outlasu XDD* epic jop!
Willow-Pendragon's avatar
I am in the processes of learning to digital paint myself, and I am always glad to see that deviantart has a plethora of great sources and people to refer to. I am glad for these processes you make because it really does help my thoughts organize, especially with the refining in the end. Thanks again for such fantastic work and inspiration and hope you are doing well. c:
Mr--Jack's avatar
You're welcome!
wolfnoom's avatar
oh you are so awesone I want to marry you.
OliviaRampaige's avatar
I just love the way you render every thing so smoothly. It makes me smile. Thanks for the inspirational boost! :3
Sinistershadow11's avatar
wow thank you for showing this process! This big guy looks very cool.
Fluffbunz's avatar
Gief pause button pls!!
vitellan's avatar
It's really interesting to see how you laid on the translucent colors on this fellow. Thanks for posting!
esnym's avatar
lil, step 2 is already too advanced for me, haha. X)
SimonHaiduk2's avatar
absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
C-Storay's avatar
shetheed's avatar
how does he do this? makeing the step by step thing?
JoetheMick's avatar
aw thats brilliant! takes me days to digitally paint anything
immilesaway's avatar
dude, you are so good.
What a wonderful expression
AllenChilders's avatar
AWESOME!!!..THis is great!
Pachycrocuta's avatar
About what opacity do you lay in those first big broad colors, and do you keep that same setting as you go in more detailed?
kmykc's avatar
yeahhh, tanks for show your process!
jaejoong92's avatar
amazing skill u have in coloring....coloring is where i lack lol
c0nr4d's avatar
Man that's awesome!
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