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So... Female barbarian class from Diablo 3. And nary a chainmail-bikini in sight! anyway, if her male counterpart's gonna run around like this then it's alright... and I covered her up better than she is in their official art so hey :D Once she's fully suited up in armour I doubt there'll be much difference between the two, so if one wants to show some character...
Rather happy with this, have to say, though there's something really subtle about her expression that's a little more worried than angry but there you go.
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amazing detail in the armor and the axe!
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Not the woman to cross. Nice work. 👍
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Fenris49Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like this ^^ I was super pleased by how 'thick' and muscle-y the female barbarian is in Diablo, just like a warrior lady oughta be- and disappointed that so much fanart of the character tends to slim her down like the typical 'chainmail bikini babe' you usually see.  Fine work! :)
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It's relieving to see positive opinions of the female barbarian for a change. Lost count of how many sites I've seen where the comments (all made by straight men obviously) can be summed up as "Ew, too muscular, why didn't they make her hot?!"
She's my main and it's nice to be able to play a woman who's badass without looking whoreish
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Mad-WillyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love her expression.
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MakingPicsSlowlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Loving the oil painting look, simply amazing!
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JLMazeHobbyist General Artist
You're an inspiration, Mr. Jack! Amazing work!
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One of my favorite pieces of art on this site. Bravo.
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Yes! She is my main character in Diablo 3 (thougH I haven't finished it yet)
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Thank you for not using the tired old stereotype with the skinny supermodel in a bikini. This lady look like she can realy wield those axes unlike most female fantasy warriors.
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I wish more artists would depict female barbarians this way.
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KleeneAnjaHobbyist General Artist
I did think exaaactly the same :D
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I love the design t for the D3 Barbarian.
And unlike some other stuff I've seen, This does her great justice :)
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EdgedWeaponStudent Artist
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odiedoggHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great character!
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Thank you so much for making her strong, solid, and not altering her to cater to the Male Gaze's idea of beauty. This is gorgeous.
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I'm glad they went for muscled up lady for Diablo 3, because it would have been too silly to just have some supermodel bodied woman dual wielding axes like in WoW.
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She has my head. I feel like I should be worried. Are you that creepy guy next door, with the camera? [link]
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Sgt-SaharaHobbyist Digital Artist
That is awesome stuff <3
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ApneicMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
Reminds me of Brienne from A Song of Ice and Fire. :)
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laurasardinhaProfessional Interface Designer
really nice :D gratsssssssss fav
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