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It turns out two more of my WoW TCG cards have been printed and are out now in the Icecrown Citadel raid set, so here we go!

I think she ended up a little too airbrush-y looking but I enjoyed it anyway.

(This one was a foil, too! Looked extra nice :D)

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...a bit more armor than what I'd like and/or prefer, but the character herself is definitely one of the best I've seen.

sexy as hell
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That's the weirdest T&A pose I've ever doesn't even do a lot of the A part.

The art isn't bad, and work is work, but the anatomy is godawful...
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Nice going!Love Love Love 
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hi, i´m a Composer and always looking for beautiful art for my Music (YouTube cover ). i would be really happy if i could some of yours. please let me know ! i will place of Course a link to your site in every Video !
thanks in advance frank schlimbach

here is some stuff that i do:…

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Truly great! The icy colours of Icecrown and the icy nature of a rogue XD
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Hi Mr Jack. I'm drawing this amazing art as charcoal. May I submit my drawing to deviantart? I'll reference to original art here.
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awesome! May ask you how can you submit your art to blizzard?
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Wow some of your art is made into cards? :iconimspeechlessplz:

its a night elf stipper holding a knife? Is she about to prepare a meal, in her strange kitchen ?
its a night elf stipper holding a knife? Is she about to prepare a meal, in her strange kitchen ?
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Wow!.. what everyone else said
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The eyes look amazing. Making the ears pointed like that along with the eyebrows was a good idea. It reflects the ice in a way, everything looks sleeker and sharper.
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Really nice work, dude :thumbsup:
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nice sternocleidomastoid and sternohyoid!
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I don't know how this escaped my notice until now, but it's fantastic! I'm a sucker for anatomy, and the detail and shading you've done to the neck, collarbone and throat is fantastic.

The face is similarly excellent: while sharper then a realistically human face, it emphasizes that the Night Elves are not simply purple humans, with the exaggerated brows and elongated, luminescent eyes. The breasts are... appropriately heroic scale, I should say, but they do allow for more of the wonderful.. I should call it "sheen", although that's probably not the right descriptor for the light effect you've done on her skin. I also must compliment on the effect of having the feet and other areas away from the viewer losing shape and melding into the shadows (quite appropriate for a rogue!).

There does appear to be one small flaw, although I'm not sure: on the inside of her left thigh, her pants are in tatters, but it seems like the line of her pant's seam continues in a straight line from her groin to her knee.
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