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Araxian, Herald of Trickery

By Mr--Jack
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An illustration I did for the Tomb of the Forgotten WoW tcg set that just came out.
Pretty fun, this one, playing around and being a little more painterly.

© 2012 Blizzard Entertainment
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© 2012 - 2021 Mr--Jack
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I love WoW's satyrs. They're like the best interpretation I've seen of them.
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I love the Warcraft take on the satyr legends--it definitely puts a new spin on an old classic, and this guy is no exception. He looks like he'd either keep you busy and distracted while his buddies sneak around you and make off with all your booze and food, or pull a fast one and steal your beer himself while you weren't expecting it.

That grin is perfect on him--it says "I'm gonna mess with your head, I'm gonna have a blast doing it, and there ain't diddly you can do to stop me, sucker!" :D (Big Grin) 
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This is so amazing.
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Would be awesome if there was female Satyr. :P
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extremely smexy
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This is really awesome!!
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those satyrs have huge hands
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Ugh, so awesome. I absolutely adore the WoW satyrs, and they definitely don't get enough love. You certainly did him justice!
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I adore Satyrs too :heart:
& I agree with you that the definitely don't get enough love ;A;
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Awesome Work!!!!
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Nicely made Satyr ! Your work's awesome !
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NICE, is all I'm saying to this! The fact that the colours are mainly red and purplish makes this picture all the greater! I truly admire people who can do so much with a restricted colour palette yet make such an impact on the viewer! And I also love the dynamics of the pose, there truly is a lot of movement in this piece. Also loving the extreme foreshortening and the massive size of the hand that's close up! I must say that I am a fan of your works, and I keep getting amazed at the ease with which you create these pieces! :heart:
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This is really nice ^^
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awesome!! i luv nelf men and Satyrs/fauns. Instant fav and watch ;)
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I wish I was Kirby so I could absorb you and adopt your skills.
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how did you get involved with WoW tcg?
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Bearded genitals.
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Holy crapola this is amazing!
I love the angle
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