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Ha! Space marines!
Or something like that.

It's been ages since I did anything with even relatively tight lines so this was a bit of a change of pace, but a lot of fun as well.
Took me quite a while to work out what style of colouring I wanted to aim for; I think I'm happy with the simplicity I managed to keep.

enjoy :)
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She's definitely got attitude.
uberbomb's avatar
my kind of angel Love 
mutazoid's avatar
All killer, no filler!
whatthefurf's avatar
this is just wonderful man. i love her proportions. awesome concept too.
The-Kit's avatar
gotta love conflict!
Sael-ar's avatar
Fucking Amazing!!
omakj's avatar
what is it chaos or imperial?
restlesshands's avatar
You've got a really great style and I love what you did with the coloring and such, but I feel like the position of her legs could be a bit better. I can't help but think that while her upper half is very intimidating, the lower half sorta looks like a five year old who really needs to pee. Haha, anyway, otherwise I really like this - the sorta comic book stylization and over-all design are both great.
NachoMon's avatar
Beautiful!!! I like her!
Elminus's avatar
I love her sexy look, so nice :]
Girot's avatar
this is fucking awesome!!
Solav's avatar
mmm sexy...alpha legion? <3
battlefan221's avatar
could be though the colours dont match,maybe word bearers :P
Solav's avatar
hmmm true true
Wish-Academy's avatar
very creative , wonderful art :3
Eldardude1's avatar
Very nice, corrupted sisters living saint? Technically impossible but the fluff is your's to command!
Allyatharii's avatar
I like the linework, and her hair and face is awesome
AlyaESayer's avatar
I have to build this model it looks awsome
Ashlehcat's avatar
Well, when life gives you lemons BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!
IdLikeToRubYourBack's avatar
This, is an awesome picture, love it
HeavyMetalWaterfall's avatar
It's official, I'm just going to have to add you to my watch list. :D
Beautiful art man really!
Vendetti's avatar
reminds me of the game apocalyptica :D

good job, simple but awesome =)
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