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More! Blizzard + such, still... Learning a heap from all of these, and I can't say I'm not adding my own . . flavour? to them, so . . . Andariel vs a paladin decked out in Sigon's Complete Steel, using defiance. (Not necessarily a great aura, but chose for colour rather than gamplay...).

13 hours, photoshop (as always).
Some wip can be seen here (page 3).


(edited a little)
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wow. really really cool. I hated fighting her, she was so cheap with that poison nova 
I would've guessed it was a barb, but AMAZING PICTURE anyway.
This is seriously my favorite fan art of diablo 2 ever. It just brings back so many amazing memories just looking at this picture.
This is what Diablo 3 should've looked like. Grim and dark and realistic!
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more than enough woman for me :love:
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Ah, the Maiden of Anguish! She was a interesting boss, her poison attacks were very deadly! I love the details you put on to this, just amazing!
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Ich finde dieses Bild wundervoll! Es hat eine tolle Stimmung, einen guten Bildaufbau und es weckt schöne Erinnerungen an Zeiten, in denen ich noch gegen das Böse kämpfte...
Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Bilder von Dir!!!!
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It's always make me happy to kill her :D
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She's the most annoying of the uber orgset bosses.
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wow! she's very large!
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The angle is really well-done!
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Wow. A Diablo 2 pic that isn't a blatant tracing of Metzen's work. -Is happy.-

I love the detail, the background, the way both of them are drawn, and the action. I love the colours and the detail of her appendages. My only issue is her mouth, as it appears a little wider than I'd imagined, but it is demented and monstrous so perhaps it was intended. Adore the way the legs/hooves are drawn.
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Really really amazing!
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WOW This sure brings back memories :)
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im sorry im spamming your inbox with comments but your words are so amazing!
i love the motion in this one
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haha :D thankyou!
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I remember the first time I killed her.. I was so damn proud of myself...! I adore the game! and this little piece is amazing! Excellent
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Awesome! Just awesome, too bad that she had to be killed though, in Bard's Tale for an example Bard is carried in a huge demoness's hands as an ending...
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