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January 15, 2010
Alice in Wonderland by *Mr--Jack The suggester "fainted". I'd not be surprised if I fainted too, this piece is just mind-blowing! Full view is a must!
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Suggested by Exillior
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Alice in Wonderland

Here it is!
For a jam going on over at (headed by :iconjoe-vriens:) I decided to join in on.

The linework's up here if you want to see it; I think the colouring process took about 20 hours, give or take—it was quite a daunting piece, but I'm very happy with the results.

A working process breakdown is up here and the layers in the final image are also up here if you're interested.

Enjoy :D

(hit download for a higher res version)
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Sylph-Alice's avatar
This is awesome but kind of scary!
BarryD-Alive's avatar
Nice,  so unique!
TheDawnbaronsGuard's avatar
Awesome picture! Great made! Wooooooow!
JaySaysHey's avatar
Simply awesome!! Love how the flamingos peek around the corner casually.
mikalover139's avatar
Sweet, but why is MH looking so grumpy?
Amari-Design's avatar
Fantastic. The sense of depth is amazing. Great work. 
xGamingUniverse's avatar
Hello I was wondering if I may use this image for one of my books? Is that all right with you?
willykdfdkf's avatar
Remember, what the doormouse said: Feed your head !
fainisyo's avatar
Wow, so awesome!
Wolfywingedwolf's avatar
I think the caterpillar has a huge zit on his face...
BeyondJen's avatar
This is wonderful!
HypaLynx's avatar
Please check this out
it is %100 related

Dude, I love this piece. So much so that I have it tattooed on my right arm as a sleeve. You are an amazingly talented artist, please please keep on doing what you do. I think  this is the best representation of Alice in Wonderland (which i love) that i have ever seen. Wish you had the other characters so I could match the left arm haha. AmAZING man.

Jel x

bubblecat55's avatar
This is amazing, I love this piece of work.
Reilune's avatar
Oh my goodness and it's you who did this! <3 haha, I guess I've been a fan of your work longer than I've kown. :P
DeviantLilGirl's avatar
i love the red queens dress the most!!! this looks so well detailed!!! you did great and you deserve the daily deviantion!
ivana81uy's avatar
I love your work. Would you allow me to use some for my Clothing label ( digital printed leggings, dresses ... I'm selling my clothing only online) I would of course quote your name in my website.
Let me know please if I can because I have to start production ASAP.
Best regards,
Lilly-Anne-Artworks's avatar
You have been featured here [link] :heart::hug:
Drokangel's avatar
The cat looks awesome!
PopulatedSpirits's avatar
I could stare at this for hours..
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