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Acid Burns

A bit slow with the upload here, the story has been out for a while now, but - a roach!

Acid Burns
When a sleepy Dominion listening post’s tranquility is disturbed by a zerg surprise attack, the base’s forces find themselves fighting against a terrifying enemy, bringing with it a deadly sense of déjà vu for the base’s commanding officer and her husband.

Bigger wallpaper versions of this are available on the SC2 website as well. Rawr!
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Stranger Things 3 Monster from the Hospital
I have a little challenge for you: draw whatever pops into your head when I say "amphibious swamp cattle".
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that feel when you find another instant-watch artist.. :) Outstanding job m8 + fav
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man. your stuff is so awesome.
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Its so pretty C: <3
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nice work but is it bad that I think hes just adorable...
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BADASS! Awesome job!
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love roachies!
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always great work
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it looks like a tyranid from warhammer 40k, dont know if thats what this picture is but still great job!
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Its not. Its a SC2 Roach, a early-game armored unit for the Zerg.
Although you have to admit, that it does look like a Tyranid.
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Question: Who wirtes those stories? Are those done by Blizzard's own in-house writers? I'm just wondering about those because I haven't really heard or seen other game companies publish pieces of lore like that.
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Now when every I play SC2 and I Unburrow Roaches I Imagine This
Epic work... as usual lol.

Also did you paint that void ray as well? It's godlike... I just wish there was a siege tank art waiting in the line lol
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There is, read "momentum". 
You can also find the Siege Tank art in the SC2 folder, or in the gallery.
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well well well ;)

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O_o gonna be honest first thought was hellbug >_> been watching tooo much defiance lately. ZERG!!! AGHH!!!
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nice roach
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I like how you drew the (dang I forget the name of that gun ship Valkyries right?) falling out of the sky. The battle just started but the Terran is already in trouble.
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