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Oh dang, am I trespassing again?
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My Bio

My artistic career started at the ripe old age of ten moths old when I created my first ever art exhibition titled "Peas on the Living Room Wall." From there I went on to create multiple traditional portraits, including "Kitty Cat" "Mom" and of course, "Girl with Giant Head." I drew from world-renowned inspirations such as The Amazing World of Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls (classic), Calvin and Hobbes, Phineas and Ferb, and Foxtrot, whose cartoonish styles had a major impact on both my visual style and storytelling. Now I occupy myself by engaging in video games, forcing myself to talk to people, and reading as many books and comics as I possibly can.

Favourite Visual Artist
Paul Coker Jr., Mort Drucker, Sergio Argones, Bill Waterson
Favourite Movies
Fantastic Mr. Fox, Tom Holland Spiderman movies, Into the Spider-Verse,
Favourite TV Shows
IT Crowd, Futurama, Community, Miranda, Gravity Falls, Gumball, Mythbusters
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Boston, the Hives, The Aquabats!, Good Charlotte, hard rock/classic rock/regular rock, punk, ska
Favourite Books
Eragon, Harry Potter, MAD Magazine, the Crowded comics.
Favourite Games
Skyrim (for life), The Assassin's Creed series, Rock Band (big time), Fallout 4
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
Printer paper, Micron pens, Prismacolors, white-out, packing tape, scissors,
Other Interests
Writing stories, drawing comics, playing guitar, drumming, skateboarding, writing songs

A Taste of my Music Taste: Edgy Edition

A Taste of my Music Taste: Edgy Edition

Some more of my favorite tunes. Whatever genre these songs are is one of my favorite genres, even though I don't feel particularly angsty on a regular basis. 1) Fat Lip, by Sum 41 The song that made me realize Sum 41 was not a boy band, unless super edgy disillusionment with society was the boy band style of the early 2000s. 2) The Anthem, by Good Charlotte I actually really like Good Charlotte. I don't like a lot of 'bands' because I usually just focus on individual songs, but they've got a couple good ones. 3) Bleed American, by Jimmy Eat World I only knew The Middle before this song, which is a pretty different vibe. I love the little bweh bweh bweh bweh guitar thing before the chorus. It's nothing special, but it's still bangin'. Also in the last chorus, the guy 'harmonizes' by shouting. That's always fun. 4) Lifestyles of the Rich and the

A Taste of my Music Taste

A Taste of my Music Taste

I have a couple songs I would like to share, songs that I have played on repeat and still haven't gotten tired of yet. I figured if I like them that much, maybe someone else will too. Plus you can never have too much music, so here: P.S. These are all on Spotify 1) Ego, by [spunge] A lot of things about this song, but none I can put into words. It's a bop I guess? 2) Stacy's Mom, by Foutains of Wayne A good old classic. If you don't know this song you should. It makes for a surprisingly good campfire song 3) Pleasure, by Bang Camero Like a lot of songs in my playlist, this one came from Rock Band. I really like the vibe of this song. It makes me think of the 90s for some reason, even though it was released in 2007. I like how it sounds like the whole room is singing the same song. Also the second half of the guitar solo is awesome. 4) Do Right, by

Red Bubble is Being Weird

Red Bubble is Being Weird

Ah, technology, my old nemesis. We meet again. I've just put two of my pieces of art on Red Bubble- Oh Not You Again 8-ball and the Vanity Dragon redo. I want to put up more but Red Bubble is super weird and I can't find my stuff or how to get to my art from my own profile. Like Deviant art lets you click on your own art to view it but there are no pictures or thumbnails or anything at all on my Red Bubble  even though it says I have two pieces of art uploaded. Does anyone know how to work the website or what button I can press to make it all better? This is stupid. I'm moderately angry. But also seeing my art printed on a wall clock is hil

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EPIC BANNER!! I'm glad you chose that guitar it's so freaking cool

Ah thnags

It took me forever to format it just right

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I have failed at this.

And now I have lost the game too XD
I just got it

Dang, I lost too
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