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Forest Elf
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Published: March 1, 2010
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Edit: Made some changes, thanks for the comments!

I'm not entirely satisfied with this one, but I know if I over-worked it it would just go bad. I declare it done!

So another elf. A forest elf this time. you may have noticed between this one and the last one that I make my different elf types have different ear shapes. I don't know why, it was just something I started doing.

The forest elves are the closest type I have to your typical Tolkien-esque elves, almost to the point of parody. This one's name is Kylie, not much to say about her. Alot of forest elves wear their hair up, making them strange. Everyone knows elves should have long hair.
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Almost to the point of parody? In what way? Does this mean we'll see Agent Smith with pointy ears?
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MPsai Digital Artist
It means they're going to be really snooty :p
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
So kind of like Mixed Myth?
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bravofox16Hobbyist Interface Designer
wow that is just incredible
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stalkProfessional Traditional Artist
She is beautiful! Nice work.
mineralz4Dream's avatar
My god o_o you're so good
I love the defintiion, the lightning, the details...
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gwenheroStudent General Artist
it's gewd..............(gewd= good)
kasplatza's avatar
I like the way you've shaded her hair accessory, it makes the shading on the other jewelery look a bit bland, though.
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MPsai Digital Artist
Thanks. I do have some trouble with figuring out how to render metals. Bleh :bleh:
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
Shiny surface details depend on what kind of light is incident upon them. I think this works. The hair ornament has more open exposure, and therefore gets more hard light, where the light reflecting off the other jewelry is probably soft light, with the harder illumination blocked by her head.
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MPsai Digital Artist
:omg: A comment that isn't a joke? What is the world coming to!?

Thanks! I can't remember exactly what my mindset was anymore, but I think I was working hard to get the shadows and highlights placed correctly because that's kind of a weak point of mine. Still not sure if it's totally right.
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It's damn hard to get it looking nice, I can count the amount of times I've gotten it to work on one hand <.<
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spacezillazonHobbyist General Artist
she reminds me of a young Arwen from lord of the rings. good overall job,nice detail too
FalluVaud's avatar
FalluVaudStudent General Artist
Very pretty ^^ I love her outfit :D
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
StarsOfCASSiOPEiAStudent General Artist
Awww, how pretty! :heart: I love the detailing on the flowers and jewelery especially, nice job. :)
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Local friendly Deebs here- Saw Ellie's critique so I decided to chime in. I think this is damn nice, but there's one thing that bugs me- she doesn't really seem to be 'interacting' with her surroundings, by which I mean the way her arms are on the table and so- it looks more like she was pasted on top of it instead of interacting with it, if that makes any sense.

Either way, ace work.
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MPsai Digital Artist
Yeah I know what you mean, I'm having a hard hard time figuring out the shadows on the stone :dead:

:lol: And I didn't know you had a new name.
CatbeeCache's avatar

And knowing is half the battle.
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MPsai Digital Artist
Goddamn critique approval is broken and I didn't realize FFFFF-

Hopefully I can do it when it's turned back on.
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I'll check out the timelapse when I get the chance but I really do like what u did with the shadowing, considering where the point of light is coming from. Sometimes people tend to forget where it is when they don't draw it. I'm also very fond of how lush the green turned out. Hope you're feeling better~
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shamira-gStudent Digital Artist
Since I'm too poor for a premium membership, here's my critique.
I personally would have either gone much brighter on the color scheme for the elf's clothing.
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Intertwined-DestinyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nonetheless, I really like it!! <33
It's a nice picture!
The pose is good and I love the colors you used!
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KittenKissHobbyist Photographer
I know this is missing the point a bit but I really love those flowers in the background!
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