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The Proposal,“Cause everytime the time was right, all the words just came out wrong, so I’ll have to say ‘I love you’ in a song,” -Jim Croce (“I’ll Have to Say ‘I Love You’ in a Song”)The ultrasound wand swerved across the top of Dan’s stomach. He watched the screen as one of the babies shifted, sticking a hand in her mouth. He was surprised by how much detail could be seen at this point. First just little blobs, then tiny embryos that were basically heads on tails, now fully-formed fry with distinct bodies and arms. The seahorse smiled faintly, listening to the whooshing sound of the babies’ combined heartbeats. What used to be his least favorite part of his visits had slowly but surely become what he most looked forward to. “Well, everything looks good. They’re healthy, good positioning,” Dr. Herrington commented. “Print-out?”“Yeah,” Dan nodded, beaming.The doctor pressed a few buttons, and the machine spit out a small picture, which he gave to the patient. He then turned it off and handed Daniel a towel for the gel. Baldwin sat up from his reclined position, swinging his tail over the side of the exam table. “So,” Herrington said, “how have you been feeling otherwise?”“Is that a trick question?” Baldwin smirked. He wiped off the goo, and yanked his shirt back down as far as it would go. Not terribly far, given his current girth.The doctor smiled, “Tired, I take it?”“Tired, sore, moody, and the other seven bad dwarves,” he sighed. “That’s all pretty much expected this late in the game. Let’s have a look at your opening.”Dan sighed, pulling his yellow polo completely off. Herrington pulled on a pair of gloves, and pressed his fins at either side of the opening of the seahorse’s brood pouch. The opening was still sealed shut. Daniel growled inwardly. “Well, no dilation yet. You look good, though.”“Do I? Do I really?” Dan snarked. Dr. Herrington smiled patiently. “From a medical standpoint, at least. Mr. Baldwin, I realize you’re certainly ready to be done with this pregnancy, and no one would blame you. Especially at a week overdue.”“Just my luck…”Herrington stripped off and tossed the gloves as Daniel put his shirt back on. The doctor typed some information into Dan’s patient file. Baldwin’s phone vibrated on the chair next to him. Careful of his balance, he leaned over and snatched it up. Everything going alright? Lulu had typed. So far, so good. Daniel textedGreat!!! Almost done, then?? Just about. Talk more at home? Kay! See ya!! Luv u!!! <3 Love you too, hon. Lulu had wanted desperately to come to what was, most likely, Daniel’s last ultrasound before the birth. But at the last minute, she had an emergency parent conference and couldn’t go. She was crushed. Dan promised to bring her a picture, as always, and reminded her that they’d likely be holding the girls soon instead of just staring at them on a screen. He flipped the phone closed just as Herrington wheeled his stool next to the exam table.“The good news,” the doctor said, “is that you won’t be pregnant forever.”“Are we positive that’s a fact?” He scowled. “Listen, if you’re this stressed about it, we can schedule an appointment for you to be induced. There’s not a pressing medical reason yet, but you are approaching two-weeks postterm, so it isn’t uncommon.”Baldwin’s next sentence caught in his throat. He’d read about induction. Mainly that it hurt like hell, but also that there were risks involved. At his age, he was already considered a “high risk case,” but he was carrying a relatively small brood for his species, so it balanced out. Everything had gone smoothly thus far -or as smooth as it could go, given how miserable he’d been the whole gestation- but he’d never been one to try and push his luck. “I dunno, doc…”“I understand you may have some anxieties about something like this. Nerves are common. But pain management will still be an option and we’ll be monitoring you and the babies constantly. Many, many seahorse fathers have to be induced. It happens every day,” he smiled gently.Daniel didn’t respond, continuing to mull over the offer.“Mr. Baldwin, I certainly won’t force you if there’s no medical necessity. If you’d prefer to wait-”“No, that’s not it,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Dr. Herrington folded his fins together. “How about this; it’s Friday. You take the weekend, relax, see if things happen naturally, and we’ll make an appointment for Monday. Reasonable?” He hesitated, but finally nodded, “Okay. Monday.” “Great! Just schedule that with the secretary on your way out. And call me if you need anything, alright?” Herrington patted his shoulder, then swam into the hall, shutting the door behind him. The girls will be here on Monday. The thought made Baldwin even more anxious. Even though the girls would probably actually come out on Tuesday. He pulled his jacket on as his phone vibrated with another text.Spaghetti 4 dinner ok? :pHe smiled to himself, and quickly fired off a response.Whatever you want, Lu. <3 ----------------------------------------As much as he loved his girlfriend, which assuredly was a great deal, Daniel felt the need to be alone in a quiet space with his thoughts. So when he pulled up outside of her -well, their house, he lingered in the driver’s seat, the engine off. He gently pressed his fingers against the fissure that was his brood pouch opening. He groaned in exasperation. It was just like his body to not cooperate.Something else, however, was also on his mind. He opened his leather messenger bag and took out a small square box. He popped it open and looked at the gleaming diamond ring inside. He didn’t want to touch it, worrying about smudging it, but he considered it for a moment. Baldwin had already come close to asking a couple of times, but either the moment didn’t seem right or he overthought things (as usual) and backed out at the last minute.“Well, I guess you’ll have to wait,” he muttered. When would he possibly have time to propose before the girls were born? And just like that, a tiny seed of an idea began to take root in his mind. He quickly fumbled for his phone and started making a few calls. ------------------------------------------Later the next day, Daniel leaned in the doorway of the nursery, watching his girlfriend with a faint smile. She was folding clothes and blankets. A few days after he’d moved in with her, they put the nursery together. Lulu, fortunately, knew a lot about tools (having a dad that more or less just treated her like a boy), which was nice as Daniel didn’t have a single handy bone in his body. Neither of them particularly liked the color pink for the nursery, so they picked a soft green. The cribs were dark brown wood, as was the changing table, dresser, and rocking chair. The room was simple, bordering on minimalistic, but they both figured that it’d all have to be replaced eventually. And at the absolute least, the babies had places to rest their heads. Lulu had definitely become a bit more fidgety and restless since Dan had told her about the hesitant plan for Monday the night prior. He could tell she was nervous because she’d been cleaning everything in sight, and damn near jumped whenever he even entered a room. Lulu scrutinized the drawers with a frown, rubbing the back of her neck with a tentacle. “Hey, cutie,” he said. Sure enough, he saw a little shiver of surprise go up her back. “Hey, hon’.”He floated over to where she was, analyzing the pile. “Can I help?”“I don’t think-” Lulu looked over at him and frowned. “Baby, your glasses are disgusting! How can you see out of these things?!” He chuckled as she snatched them off his face, rubbing the lenses on the hem of her dress. She situated them back on his face, and Dan had to admit, he could see better. He hugged the squid around her middle. “So, I was wondering,” Baldwin said, “are you free tonight?”“Are you asking me out, Daniel Baldwin?”“Maaaybe.”“I dunno, I might be busy,” she screwed-up her mouth.His brow furrowed, “Doing what?”She shrugged, “Whatever my boyfriend is doing.” He smirked, “Sure you can’t sneak away from that jerk?”“He’s not a jerk. He’s a wonderful man,” she pecked his forehead. “What’d you want to do, hun?”“Maybe go out to eat? Somewhere nice?” “Somewhere nice? Nicer than Burger Bunny, I presume?” “Les Poissons?” “Geez, Dan, you meant nice nice,” Lulu said. “What’s the occasion? Is there some kind of anniversary I’ve blanked on?” “Well, it’s sort of our last weekend of freedom before our lives get a little…chaotic,” Dan said, “And, maybe our last adult meal before we’re relegated to chicken nuggets and macaroni.” Lulu chuckled, bit her lip in contemplation, then nodded. “Alright, you’ve convinced me.”“You don’t mind getting a little dolled-up?”“For you, Cupcake? Certainly not,” she grinned. “Great. I made reservations for seven,” he said. “Seven? Oh Cod, I need to get ready,” she wrung her tentacles.“It’s only five,” Dan checked his watch. “Baby, with all the women you’ve lived with, I’m shocked you still don’t understand how we function,” she said. ---------------------------------------------------“Wow, honey, you’re really going all out. Are you sure you want to eat somewhere this nice?” Lulu asked. Dan was taking one of her tentacles as he helped her out of the car. “Do you not want to? I was just thinking we could have a special, romantic evening, but…” “Baby, anywhere with you is special.” She took a minute to adjust his bowtie. They were both dressed a lot nicer than they’d dressed in quite a while; Dan in a tux and pants, Lulu in a lavender evening gown and jewelry. She gently touched the side of his face. “I want to do this…for us. Because we probably won’t get to do something just the two of us for a long, long time after Monday,” Daniel said. Lulu smiled, nodding. “Alright. Walk me in, good sir?” She offered Baldwin one of her tentacles. “Of course, madame,” he beamed, taking the tentacle in his arm. They floated into the restaurant, which was certainly the nicest place either of them had ever been to. Purple velvet curtains hung from the ceiling, as did several chandeliers, and the floor was made of polished blue stones. The tables all had a white tablecloth, and the booths had a clamshell design (fake clam, of course). “Danny,” Lulu breathed, eyes wide.“Probably no kids’ menu, huh?” He quipped.“Will we even get in?” “Of course. I told you I made reservations.” “It’s just…it’s kind of unbelievable. It’s so nice!” Baldwin could hardly believe he got a table, either, and almost expected to get turned away, like he really hadn’t and there’d been a mistake. But after he gave his name to the maître d', they were seated immediately. Daniel removed Lulu’s shrug, but kept his own coat on. Immediately after sitting down, Lulu grasped his hand in hers. “Daniel Baldwin, this is so unexpected and so sweet of you!” “I just wanted to have a night on the town with my lady,” he squeezed her hand. “Something romantic that isn’t, you know, an obligatory chaperoning activity. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful evening with you at prom, but I wanted something just us.”He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. She blushed madly at the affection. “Cupcake, I don’t know what it is about you tonight, but you’re being awfully romantic,” she gushed.“Well, I love you, Lu,” he said.Her eyes gleamed, “Oh Danny, I love you, too.”The seahorse’s heart swelled; everything was going great. Baldwin let his eyes drift momentarily, and he saw something that made his smile morph into a look of horror. He tried to contain it, but Lulu noticed instantly. “Baby, what is it?” She started to turn, but Dan pulled her face back. “Nothing, nothing! Just one of those weird, intrusive thoughts. Happens sometimes. I, um, I do need to use the restroom though. If the waiter comes, I’ll stick with water.”Before Lulu could comment, Dan was out of the booth and swimming towards the mens room. He locked himself in the handicap stall, leaning over the sink. He could not believe the evening had taken such a big nosedive in so little time. It hadn’t been nothing. A few tables away sat Marlene Saltweed. Baldwin’s ex-girlfriend. The biological mother of his children. If she saw him, it would ruin everything. She didn’t know he’d stayed pregnant. As far as she knew, Daniel had an abortion. She wasn’t stupid, though, and would quickly put two-and-two together if she saw that his current girlfriend was a squid. “Shit, shit, shit,” he repeated. He splashed water on his face. Baldwin tried to think. Maybe if he could avoid making a scene, he could ask for a different table. One even further away from hers. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t just hide behind a menu all evening. Not without alerting Lulu something was definitely wrong. “Everything will be fine,” he said to himself. “Maybe she won’t even talk to you, even if she does notice you.” It wasn’t an impossibility. Marlene was dining with the man Daniel assumed was her husband. So maybe she’d be too nervous Baldwin would rat on her to approach him. He forced himself to look in the mirror and smile. “The rest of the evening is going to go-” Daniel was going to say “great,” but the rest turned into a sudden moan. He gripped the rim of the sink as a cramp tightened in his back and wrapped around his belly. He took shuddering breaths, praying for it to pass, and it finally did. Fuck.It was a contraction. A real one.“Really?” He panted to himself, or the babies, he didn’t know which. “Almost two weeks past the due date, and…now?!” Assuring the pain was gone, he straightened up again. He pulled out his cellphone, flipped it open, then hesitated. He had been about to call Marc. For advice, reassurance, something. Baldwin frowned and closed the phone again. No, he thought to himself, you have to do this yourself. Get a grip! “Okay, okay…make it through the evening, find a moment to propose, then make a mad dash to the hospital.”The plan sounded insane, he realized, but a resolute stubbornness came over him. He was going to propose, dammit. And neither Marlene nor his own body would stop him. —————————Baldwin had made it, thus far, halfway through their entrées. Marlene still hadn’t noticed him, or had and was choosing to ignore him, and he prayed it might stay that way for the whole evening. Daniel couldn’t lie; the pains were bad, but still out of the “kill-me-now” range. He managed to, for the most part, avoid raising suspicion. His prehensile tail was keeping a death-grip on the pole of the table, though. If it weren’t made of metal, Baldwin might be worried he’d snap it in half. He mostly let Lulu carry the conversation; she was rather talkative anyway. But she did seem a bit distracted. Daniel didn’t understand why, but she came off a little nervous. She was fidgeting with her napkin, fumbling with her utensils, and had spilled drops of her drink on her outfit on more than one occasion. But Baldwin wasn’t about to point this out, as he didn’t want her noticing his weird behavior either.She noticed it, anyway.“You’ve barely touched your food, Cupcake,” Lulu said, brow furrowed.“Oh, well I…I just…guess I’m not very hungry,” he lied, tail tightening like a vice around the pole again as a similar vice wrapped around his pouch. “But you love brine shrimp. And you usually eat like food is going out of style,” she smiled gently. He reached over and held her tentacle, being careful to not to clamp down on it. “You also look a little pale,” she frowned. “Like your pigment is changing.”“Well, it’s not often I get to have a nice dinner with a beautiful woman. Maybe I’m feeling a little shy about it,” he lied. “Pff, well, I’ll give you ‘nice,’ but we eat dinner together every night.”“Nerves, then,” he chuckled. What Dan said wasn’t entirely a lie. Baldwin had felt anxious about the dinner even before the contractions had started. He had no earthly idea when he’d propose. Or how! At this point, he wasn’t even sure he’d be able to kneel. Or, moreso, be able to get back up afterwards. Maybe he could just pass her the box, like she’d done with her house-key at prom? Or would she want a big romantic gesture?Could I ask her now? The thought flitted through his mind. “Lulu,” Dan began, his hand not in Lulu’s hold tightly digging into the the seat, “honey, there’s something I need to-”“I’m so sorry to interrupt, baby, but I really need to go to the bathroom. Can you maybe hold that thought until I get back?”“Oh! Of course. With as often as I have to go, I’m certainly not one to stop others,” he jested. Lulu slipped out of the booth and dashed to the back of the restaurant. Baldwin let out a pained moan behind his hand, bending forward and wrapping his other arm around his pouch. He tried to do some of the breathing from his books and class (though he only attended two sessions), but it wasn’t working terribly well. Daniel was beginning to think he wouldn’t make it to the end of the meal. His eyes quickly darted to the table where Marlene was seated, but she wasn’t there. Dan was initially relieved, thinking she’d left, until he realized that Marlene’s male guest still sat on his side of the table. Then, he was horrified. “Oh no…” -----------------------------------------------Lulu entered the bathroom to find a seahorse woman staring in the mirror, applying lipstick. Lulu paused in front of the mirror, observing as the woman fluffed her wavy ginger hair. It had some streaks of gray, from age. The woman noticed Lulu’s staring and arched a brow. “Can I help you?” she asked, a bit brusquely. “Sorry!” Lulu said. “You just…you seem really familiar. Do I know you?”The seahorse shrugged, “I don’t believe so.”“College? High school?” Lulu tossed out.“I’m not from here originally,” she shook her head. “You’re not a teacher, are you? Maybe we met at a conference,” the squid continued.“No, no. I work in finance. Sorry, but you’re not ringing any bells on my end,” the woman gave Lulu a tight smile. “I, uh, need to get back to my table.” “Well, sorry to bother you. Hope you’re enjoying your meal,” Lulu said. “Same to you,” she said, then left the restroom. Lulu locked herself in her stall, then paused in thought, her eyes widening in realization. “Oh-!”----------------------------“No, no, no,” Dan groaned, watching Marlene exit the women’s restroom. She straightened her green evening gown and looked up in Dan’s direction. He swiftly pulled his head back in and pressed himself down in the booth seat. Please, for the love of Cod, say she didn’t see me, he thought to himself. “Daniel?”Fantastic.Marlene swam up to the booth. She stared in bewilderment at the pregnant seahorse, who was awkwardly slumped down in his seat. “Oh, hi,” he said with false cheer, straightening back up. “You’re here, too?” “What are you doing here?” she asked, a tinge of annoyance in her voice, arms crossed. “I’m actually on a date. With my girlfriend,” he said. Marlene’s lip twitched in what Baldwin read as amusement. “You have a girlfriend?” “You could at least try to hide your surprise,” he muttered. “Like I had to do after our evening together when you mentioned you were married.”“I think I’m too busy trying to hide my shock that you’re still pregnant,” she cast him a withering look. “I thought we agreed you were going to-”“I planned to,” he said, “but I…changed my mind. I didn’t really think you’d care either way.” “I wouldn’t care that I had biological offspring somewhere out there that I didn’t know about?” “You certainly didn’t care enough to say anything beyond ‘I can’t see you again after today, lose my number.’ You made it clear that what happened between us was just a fling.”“Because I thought you were ending the pregnancy! It’s what we settled on.” “No, it’s what you tried to bribe me to do,” he scowled. Dan looked past Marlene to where his girlfriend was leaving the restroom. Instead of coming right back to the table, she flagged down their waiter and whispered something to him, while gesturing vaguely towards their table. A lump stuck tight in his throat. “Could you please just explain to me why I wasn’t informed of your very uneducated decision to keep them?”“Look,” Baldwin managed, turning back to Marlene, “I didn’t really think you deserved to know about them. That may sound harsh, but with how you ended things…I don’t consider you their mother.”“Excuse me?” Lulu returned to the table, “Everything okay?”“Cod, you again?” Marlene grumbled. “Do you mind?”“I do mind. This is my table,” Lulu scowled. “And that’s my date.”“Marlene, this is Lulu, my girlfriend,” Dan spoke up. “Let’s just say I figured out where I recognized you,” Lulu said. Marlene chuckled cynically, “Oh, this adds up. Congrats, Dan, you finally found someone desperate enough to put up with you and raise another woman’s kids.” Daniel’s body tensed from a combination of rage and the onset of another contraction. He took a breath, then opened his mouth to reply, but Lulu had forced herself between the table and Marlene. “Like the man said,” the squid interrupted, “they’re not your kids, they’re his. On top of that, I’d be more than happy to raise his kids. Much like I’d be more than happy to beat you senseless. I’d relish it, in fact.” Marlene’s smirk flattened as Lulu’s curled up. “Or, I could go the pacifist route, and wave down your nice looking husband over there, and he and I can have a little chat. I’m sure there are some very interesting things I could tell him about your extra-marital hobbies!”“He wouldn’t believe you,” Marlene said, but her voice was shaking. Lulu’s eyes narrowed, her smirk remaining. “Do you really want to test that theory?” Marlene didn’t respond, but cleared her throat. Nervously.“I thought not. So how’s about you swim on back to your table, tail tucked, and sleep soundly knowing you aren’t being sued for child support.” “Who do you think you are, you bitc-!” Lulu didn’t wait for the rest of the sentence. She turned to the table, grabbed her half filled glass of red wine, and dumped it on Marlene’s dress. Marlene gasped in horror. “Oops, clumsy me! I’m such a klutz sometimes, I’d lose my own head…” Daniel would have laughed if he wasn’t in so much pain. Instead, out of Lulu’s view, he bit his knuckle, his entire body tightening. Marlene’s hand flew up in an attempt to slap Lips in the face, but the squid stopped her hand with a death grip around her wrist. “Like I said, Marlene, I would love to beat you to a pulp after all you’ve put my boyfriend through, but this is a nice restaurant, and I don’t want to cause a scene and ruin my dinner date. But I’m not above giving you a nice black eye, that you’d then have to explain to your husband who gave it to you and why. Though, like I said, I’d be happy to explain for you.” The female seahorse’s mouth closed again, and she wrenched her hand from Lulu’s grip. Marlene scoffed, then turned and left the table. Lulu watched carefully as the seahorse returned to her table, glowering the whole time. She could see as Marlene’s husband was gesturing to the stain on her dress, and probably asking how she got it. She hesitated, and Lulu’s hand folded into a fist, but then Marlene appeared to wave it off as an accident, and the squid relaxed. Satisfied, Lulu turned back to the booth, where Daniel had managed to sit up a bit straighter, but had one hand clamped over his mouth. “Shame. I was sort of looking forward to punching her right in the ovip- Danny, you are very pale, baby,” she sat across from him and reached for his spare hand. “What is it, sweetheart? Do we need to leave? Are you feeling sick?” Baldwin realized he needed to propose quick, like pulling off a Bandaid, before anything else happened. “Lulu, I need to tell you something, but first I need to ask you,” he breathed, trying to steady himself, rubbing her hand with his thumb, “Lulu, I- you’re kidding me, dude!” Their waiter appeared next to the table, holding two champagne flutes. “Do excuse me, sir. These are complements of your lady friend,” he nodded towards Lulu, setting down the glasses and rapidly swimming off. Daniel eyed the glass with a groan, rubbing his temples. “Honey, I can’t even-”“No, no! It’s sparkling juice. I just thought we could have a little toast,” she said. “A toast to what?” he sighed, about to hit his limit. “To our engagement.” Baldwin finally looked up at his girlfriend, who was suppressing a very nervous grin and was blushing madly. “...what did you say?” “If you’ll have me, that is.” Lulu fumbled in her purse and pulled out a black, velvet ring box. She popped it open and set it in front of him. Stunned into silence, Baldwin examined the gold band sitting inside. Time had screeched to a halt. “I’ve had the ring for a while, thought about putting it in the glass, but I was worried you might accidentally drink it, and…oh gosh, I’m prattling again. I’ve been so nervous all evening and Marlene got me a little steamed,” she babbled. Fully numb from shock, Daniel looked from the ring to Lulu, and back again several times over. “I…you…” Lulu finally took one of his hands in hers. She took a deep breath. “Anyway,” she beamed, “will you, Daniel Baldwin, marry me?” Tears stung the corners of his eyes, but he smiled as he wiped his face with the heel of his palm. Daniel found himself unable to form the right words, so he simply reached into his coat pocket and took out a similar box. He set it on the table, opening the lid to show Lulu the diamond ring. “...Cupcake!” Lulu gushed, pressing her hands to her chest, “Really?”“I’ve had it since prom,” he laughed, “or the day after. I’ve been trying to ask you for days.”She giggled, “Me too.” “I love you, Lu,” Dan said, grinning like an idiot, “of course I’ll-”His throat hitched as he felt a sudden release of pressure right below his sternum. Baldwin watched, bewildered, as a wet stain bloomed outwards on his shirt. “What in the-?” Lulu realized immediately what had just happened. “Honey, your water broke!” she gasped. “Oh my Cod, we need to go to the hospital!” “For the love of- AH!” Baldwin gasped, as the pain spiked, dangerously close to the “kill-me-now” territory. She slid into his side of the booth, letting him grip her hand. “Hang in there, okay? We’re leaving right now,” she said. She helped him out of the booth, the aim to get them both out of the restaurant as quickly as possible. Lulu, despite Dan’s ill-timed protests about the check, left the maître d' her credit card with the promise she’d come back in a day or so to get it. The couple swam into the parking lot, amazingly attracting very little attention. “Do you think Marlene even noticed?” Baldwin leaned against the squid. “If she knows what’s good for her, she didn’t,” Lulu said. “Geez, almost two weeks past your due date and…this is so sudden!”“Yeah,” Baldwin breathed, “sudden. About that…” ----------------------------------------------“You’ve been in labor ALL EVENING?!” Lulu was driving them carefully, if not rapidly, to Freshwater General. Daniel sat in the passenger seat, and was letting out groans of increasing magnitude. “Kind of…”“Daaanny! What were you thinking, honey?!”“I was thinking I-” his stomach heaved, Dan groaned, breathing slowly, “I really wanted to propose…before the girls got here.” Dan felt himself tearing up again. “Before Monday, before, well now. But I didn’t start having contractions until we’d already gotten seated, I promise.”“Oh sweetheart,” Lulu sighed, Dan couldn’t discern whether in exasperation, or not.“I guess I also thought, given what the books say, this would take longer,” he breathed. Lulu chuckled at this, squeezing one of his hands. “But, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you I was in labor. I was about to, but then I saw Marlene and I…I dunno, I just felt really stubborn. Like I had to make this night special. For us.”“I really do wish I hit her.”“I’m glad you didn’t,” Dan said, “Kinda. But, you have my permission next time.” “She’s awful, Dan.”“Welcome to my world, Lu,” he chuckled, then his body stiffened and he gasped. Lulu rubbed his back with the hand that wasn’t on the wheel, “Breathe, honey, you’re doing great. Two more stop lights between you and a nice potent epidural.” “…fuuuuck.” Dan hunched forward against the dashboard. “Try very hard…not to crash.” More pouch fluid leaked out of the opening in his chest, “Ohh, my carpet interior…I just had it deep cleaned…”Lulu couldn’t help herself, and snorted very loudly at this comment.“Priorities, baby,” Lulu laughed, “you are just all about priorities, tonight.”“Shut uuuup!” Baldwin moaned. “Shhh, we’re almost there,” Lulu said, “Want me to call Marc or your mom?”“Marc. My mom can wait. She’d just be a bundle of nerves at the hospital,” he panted, sitting up against the car door again. “So that’s who you get your anxiety from,” she smirked.As they lapsed into silence, Daniel noticed that the Fish Styx tape was still playing very softly in the deck. He reached to turn it off, but paused when he realized the song was “Lady.” “Hey, Lu,” Daniel smiled.“What?” Lulu said, pulling the car into the hospital lot. She threw the car into park and yanked off her seatbelt. “It’s the song that played on our first date.” She stopped what she was doing, and listened momentarily.“We listen to this tape on endless loop. How on earth do you remember that?” “Every time I hear it, it makes me think of you. Because you’re my lady, and I love you,” Baldwin said. He gave Lulu’s hand a light squeeze. Lulu beamed, “That’s so sweet, Cupcake.”She leaned over and kissed him, and, realizing it was their first kiss since the proposal, Daniel reciprocated it deeply. A moment passed, and the seahorse finally pulled away with a groan of discomfort, his body stiffening. He leaned forward, hands gripping the dashboard. “Owww…” “That’s it, baby. Deep breaths,” Lulu said, continuing to rub his back. “I’ll have to go find you a wheelchair-”“Don’t leave me!” Dan snapped.“I’m not, I’m not,” she assured him. “I’m not going anywhere.”...
Constant CravingsI never felt like this with a woman, any woman, strange as me…some call it love, I call it magic.” -Mick Smiley (“Magic”)Something roused Lulu from her restful sleep. The sound of movement far off at the other end of her house. She thought it was her cat, but Attila was sound asleep at the foot of the bed. Lulu waited a moment, thinking it might be her imagination, but then heard the clinking of glass. She held her breath, getting out of bed as quietly as she could. She quickly reached for the baseball bat under her bed and tiptoed from the bedroom into the living room. But the sound was coming from the kitchen. She slowly rounded the corner into the kitchen, brandished the bat, then flipped on the light.“Whoa! Hey!” Dan cried out, fumbling with, but not dropping the pickle jar. “Oh, Cupcake!” she sighed, adrenaline rushing from her body. “You scared me half to death!” She laughed in jittery relief, setting the bat by the doorway. “You didn’t notice I wasn’t in bed with you?”“I was probably a little out of it, sorry sweetness,” she sat at the table, rubbing her eyes. She smiled at him tiredly. Baldwin placed the pickle jar on the table, then got the small pint of chocolate ice cream from the freezer. “Interesting choice in a midnight snack,” Lulu chuckled. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not pregnant, baby.” “Want some?” Daniel offered her a second spoon. “I think I’ll pass on the pickles, but I’ll never turn down ice cream. And if I ever do, it’s an imposter-Lulu.” Dan snorted, “Good to know!”Lulu spooned some of the chocolate ice cream into her mouth, while Dan scraped his scoop off his spoon and onto a pickle slice. Lulu managed not to cringe, if only by the skin of her teeth. “This is so good…” he said between bites.“I’ll take your word for it, hun,” Lulu said, scooping up another spoon of ice cream. “You know, I didn’t used to be a big ice cream person.”“You didn’t used to be a big person,” Lulu smirked. “Ha ha, you’re a real comedian,” Dan said dryly. “Ooh, you know what this could use?” “Do I want to know, is the real question.”Daniel rooted through the fridge again, then took out a small bottle of dark liquid. “Soy sauce!”Lulu outwardly cringed this time, “Yeah, I’m getting you a separate bowl for your special little sundae. You’re not ruining my double chocolate chip.” Instead of a bowl, she passed him a large mug. Baldwin moved several scoops from the pint into the mug, then doused the ice cream with the soy sauce. He pushed the remainder of the pint to Lulu. “I’m shocked this combo doesn’t give you indigestion,” she quipped.“Oh, it will. I get indigestion with practically everything I eat, lately. So it’s only a matter of time.” Attila finally padded into the kitchen, attracted to the smells of food. He hopped onto the table, mewing for attention. Lulu chuckled and held out her spoon to the cat-fish, who took a few tentative licks. He hissed in displeasure, and jumped back down to the floor. He rubbed Ms. Lips legs a few times, weaving in and out of her six appendages, before darting back to the bedroom. “Is the ice cream bad for him?” Daniel asked.“Technically yes, but a small lick is okay. I knew he wouldn’t like it,” Lulu said. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”Daniel popped another pickle chip in his mouth. “Shoot.”“Have you thought of any names? For the girls?” Baldwin pursed his lips in thought. “There are a few I’ve been mulling over. I’m almost positive I want one of them to be named Anne, after my mom. Anemone in full. It’s a family name. As for the other three, I guess I am having a hard time deciding.”“Anne is a sweet name. What have you been considering for the others?” The seahorse shrugged. “Pearl might be nice. Or Ruby…”“All the birthstones, huh?” Lulu smirked. “Heh, yeah. I didn’t even notice that.”“I’ve always liked the name Sylvia,” Lulu added.“Like the Dr. Hook song,” Dan said.“Hmm?”“Sylvia’s Mother,” Dan said, then flushed a deep blue, “That’s the title, I mean! Of the song!” Lulu smiled crookedly, “Actually, Sylvia Plath is who I was thinking of.” Baldwin chuckled, “A little dark, isn’t it? Considering she…?” Lulu shrugged, “I just like the name.”“It’s a good one,” he said. “I also like Katie, or Lauren, or Julie. Names like that. I think I just want very plain names for them. Nothing too complicated.”“You could name them all using the same letter,” the squid chuckled.“That feels like a dick move,” he laughed.“No shit. How do you think I feel?” said Lulu Latoya Lips, her mouth full of ice cream.“Point taken,” he said. “I also like Lily or Rose.”“You’ve gone from gems to flowers,” she said. “I almost wrote down ‘Marie,’ but…I’m not sure if that’d be too close to ‘Marlene,’” he sighed. Finished with his nauseating craving-sundae, he fiddled with the spoon on the edge of the bowl. “You think a lot about her, don’t you?” Lulu asked softly.“Not romantically!” He blurted, trying to reassure her.Lulu chuckled, “Don’t freak out. I trust you. I mean, even if you did, no one is perfect.”“I don’t. At all. She broke my heart. Not just that, she ripped it up, danced on the pieces, and then spit on it.”“Yikes,” the squid said. “So, I assume she knows…?” Lulu gestured to his belly. “Oh, she knows,” he nodded grimly. “Or…knew? She doesn’t exactly know I decided to go through with it. This is gonna sound pretty dark, actually, but she um…she tried to give me money to…end it. Like, for the procedure fee.” “What a bitch,” Lulu paused, shook her head, then added, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t talk that way about the moth-”Baldwin quickly interjected. “She’s not the mother of my kids. I’m more the mother than she is at this point. And yes, she is a bitch,” he smirked bitterly.Lulu smiled in a look that seemed almost like pity. “Do you think you could sue her for child support?”“In theory, but truthfully, I just don’t want anything more to do with her,” he said. “I mean, I know my kids are going to ask, and I won’t lie to them -cushion the blow a bit, maybe- but that’s a few years that I don’t have to think about her.”Lulu nodded, then looked down at her pint of ice cream, “You want any more of this?”Dan shook his head glumly, then watched idly as Lulu replaced the ice cream in the freezer. “I’m sorry if that was a sensitive subject, Danny.” “No, no. I’m fine. I’m just tired.”“Back to bed?” She draped one of her tentacles over his shoulders.He let her lead him out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom. Attila slept soundly on the end of the bed, and Lulu pet his back as she swam by. Baldwin removed his glasses, they slid under the covers, and rolled over to face each other. “Pretty sure they’re not going to start acting up, soon,” Daniel smirked, softly rubbing his bump. “You’d think because I just spoiled them with treats, they’d be a little more courteous.” “You have pickle-breath,” Lulu smiled. Dan huffed out a laugh, “Sorry.” His eyes abruptly looked down, and he sighed, “Yeah, they’re moving.” “Is that an invitation?” Lulu asked. As an answer, he took one of her hands and pressed it under his shirt. They both waited for a moment, then one of the babies punched the wall of the pouch. “Geez, kid,” Baldwin said. “No more sugar for you.”“That was a pretty strong one!” “You’re telling me.”Lulu shifted further downwards, pulling back the covers, until she was eye level with her boyfriend’s stomach. She leaned the side of her head against his shirt. “What’s it sound like?” “Digestion,” she joked. “Wait, shh, I think I can almost hear something.”“I wasn’t even-”“Shush!”Baldwin snorted, and reached down and rubbed the top of her head. “I might be mistaken, but I think I can hear a heartbeat, maybe two.”“Two less than there should be,” he smirked. “But judging by their current activity, pretty sure they’re all there.”“Hi, babies,” Lulu said softly, “can you hear me in there?”Daniel tried to think up a witty retort, but the words stuck in his throat. Something about how gentle her voice was, or how sincere she was being, caused his sarcasm to fizzle. “Do you talk to them much?” Lulu asked, directing the question at Dan.“Maybe a little,” Baldwin mumbled. Truthfully, he did it a lot more when he was alone. But doing it in front of others, even Lulu, made him feel shy about it. “...hey in there, kiddos.” “Your dad is going to be very happy for you to finally get here,” she continued.“Yeah…” he said. He didn’t know if that was 100% truthful, but he knew he’d certainly be happy to not be pregnant anymore. One of the babies jabbed outwards in response. “Hey…” the seahorse grumbled. “Shh,” she said to the fry, “it’s time for all good little ones to be asleep.” “For their father’s sake, at least,” Dan sighed. “Maybe we should tell them goodnight, huh?” Lulu yawned. “Night-night, babies.”“Night, kids,” Baldwin said abruptly. Lulu got settled on her pillow again, kissed her boyfriend, then turned over. The seahorse rolled over in the opposite direction. He looked down at his bump, absently stroking it. He waited a moment or so before talking under his breath. “Goodnight, girls,” he whispered, “ you.”Despite his intentions, Lulu heard the whole thing, but decided to keep it to herself.
The Delivery: Part 1,“I’ll hold your hand when you are feeling mad at me...In the meantime I’ll just wait here and listen to you when you speak. Or scream.”- Foster the People (“Waste”)They’d hit traffic. Because of course they had. Lulu was trying desperately not to panic, but she could feel it welling inside her like a scream. “Lulu,” Daniel groaned from the passenger seat. “I know, Cupcake. Just a few more tanks. You’re doing so well,” she said, trying to ignore how hard her heart was pounding. “Honey,” he panted, “I need you…to pull over.” “Can you vomit out the window?”“I…I don’t need to puke…”“Bathroom?” “Lu…I need…to push.” Lulu’s heart stopped. “No, no, no. Don’t do that, we’re almost-”“I have to push now and I need you to catch!” He cried. Lulu looked over at her boyfriend, covered in sweat, shaking, eyes filled with terror, sheet white. “Okay, baby. Okay,” she said. She tried to hide the tremble in her voice. She immediately pulled the car off the road and into an empty parking lot. She parked the car and turned to her laboring boyfriend. He was already curling in on himself, pushing against the pain.She fumbled for her cellphone in her purse, then typed out 9-1-1 with her shaking hand. She allowed Baldwin to grip the other hand with full vigor. “911, what’s your-”“My boyfriend is giving birth in our car!” “I’m sorry, your…boyfriend?”“He’s a seahorse! We were driving to the hospital, but he’s not going to make it! We need an ambulance.” “Okay, okay, ma’am? I’ll send paramedics, but I need your location.” Lulu swallowed, and told the operator where they were parked. “Ma’am, there seems to be heavy traffic in that area.”“No! Really?!” “I’m sending an ambulance, but it may take some time for them to arrive. Can you possibly check your partner’s pouch opening?”Lulu froze. “I…can I…” “Ma’am, just keep talking with me. I can walk you through the del-”A tone beeped in Lulu’s ear, signaling that the call had been dropped. She looked down in time to see that the phone had died. “Fuck,” she said. I’m going to have to deliver the first baby. She really, really did not want to do that, but it didn’t seem like she had a choice. Lulu looked on piteously as Daniel endured another contraction. She waited for him to relax, then gently touched his shoulder to get his attention. “Is the…ambulance…coming?” the seahorse panted. “Yeah,” she said, “but they…”“They won’t make it,” Baldwin finished, nodding. “Okay, okay…” He seemed to be psyching himself up for what he was about to do. Every single instinct in Lulu’s body wanted her to panic. But she pushed down those instincts, and focused intensely on her fiancé. “Alright, let’s remove your top…” Lulu helped the seahorse pull off his shirt, which was soaked with sweat and amniotic fluid. The fissure under Daniel’s chest, the opening of his brood pouch, had widened significantly. She pulled her eyes away and reached into the back seat for his overnight bag. “Um,” she rooted in the duffel bag, “I know you like this robe, but I need a towel, so hopefully this will wash out. Or I’ll owe you a new robe.” Daniel nodded, easing his tail onto the front seats. Baldwin’s car was an older model, so the front seats were a conjoined booth of sorts. Lulu pulled herself up onto her knees, bending her six legs underneath her. She helped Daniel place the duffle bag behind his back as something to lean against. “Poor excuse for a cushion, I know, but,” Lulu said, smiling crookedly. “Now, I don’t really…I don’t know what I’m doing, so just bear with me, okay? But, help me help you, got it?” Baldwin nodded, returning her shaky smile. He reached out and grasped one of her tentacles, giving it a light squeeze. Feeling the pain returning, he retracted his hand and wrapped one of his arms around the headrest, pulling himself forward. His whole body tensed with effort, his face flushing. “Good! That’s good, baby! Just like that.”Lulu bunched up her light shrug and gingerly wiped some of the sweat from Daniel’s brow. The contraction spent, Dan slumped back against the duffle bag, panting like- well, like a horse. “Well…that…was miserable…” he groaned. Sweating heavily, his frames kept slipping down his nose. So he yanked his glasses off and tossed them to the floor.“That’s one push down,” Lulu said. She mopped up some of the fluid leaking from his pouch with the robe. The vice-like pain returned all too soon, and the seahorse pulled himself forward once more, using his own lap for leverage against his tightening pouch. Lulu alternated between dabbing his forehead and rubbing the small of his back. They went through a few more contractions like this. “Breathe, honey, you need to keep doing the breathing,” Lulu said, trying to multitask as both midwife and coach. He gave her a withering glare, hissing between clenched teeth, “Fuck. Your. Breathing.” “Cupcake-”“You want to try doing this?!” He snapped. Baldwin hadn’t meant to snap at his girlfriend, but Cod damn, this was agony. Lulu ignored his anger, calmly wiping his head again and letting him keep a death grip on her other tentacle. For once in her life, Lulu was grateful for her long arms. “FUCK!Daniel cried out suddenly, tail clenching around Lulu’s legs. “Cod, that really burns!”Lulu could see why before she even had time to ask. A baby’s head was making an appearance at the opening of her father’s pouch. “Danny, look! You’re doing it!” She beamed. “I don’t need to look! I can feel everything!” He finally stopped pushing, taking several gulping breaths. Curiosity got the better of him, however, and he did look down at the opening. Given that he was without his glasses, and he’d been crying, it was a blurry picture. But he could still make things out. The head had a small cropping of blue hair. “Oh,” he said, a small hoarse sound. He blinked back more tears, one hand hovering over the opening, too nervous to touch it. “Alright, baby, I think you need to pant your way through the next one, but use your tail as something to physically push against. Just easing her upwards, okay.”The seahorse nodded absently, the squid helping him bend his tail against her torso. A brief memory from the two prenatal classes he attended flitted through his head. “Put…put your hand…” Baldwin guided one of his partner’s hands to the bottom of his stomach. Lulu nodded, understanding to help with the push during the next contraction. Panting his way through the next contraction was easier said than done. And proceeded to groan behind one hand as the other hand dug it’s nails into his fiancée’s tentacle that rested on the seat. “AAH!” Lulu cried out, wondering if Dan had broken skin. “Get her out of me!” He cried, his tone filled with venom.“You’re doing so well. She’s almost here,” she said, ignoring her hand, “Just keep panting.” “What do you think I’ve been doing?!” He moaned, water pulsing in and out of the gills on his neck. Dan pressed his forehead into the headrest, fighting every instinct telling him to push. He cried out as the first baby’s head cleared the opening of the pouch. Baldwin felt a small sliver of relief as the burning lessened. But he almost sobbed thinking about having to do the shoulders next. Baldwin collapsed back against the cushion of the bag, hands over his eyes, taking a moment to catch his breath. He pulled his hands away from his face and placed them on Lulu’s shoulders. “Okay…” he breathed, nodding, “Okay…” “I’m so stinkin’ proud of you, baby,” Lulu said, blinking back her tears, kissing his temple. “You got this, just a bit more.”The seahorse’s grip on the squid’s shoulders clenched, and he pushed against his tail, Lulu adding pressure at the bottom of his pouch. Lulu positioned Dan’s pink robe where the baby-fry was making her grand exit. Daniel cried out as one of her shoulders slipped free. He steeled himself for the next push, and leaned into it. Suddenly, he felt blessed relief as the second shoulder popped out, and the rest of the baby practically slipped out of him and into Lulu’s waiting hands. Lulu was stunned, like a brick of lead had landed in her grasp, but the feeling turned into a pervasive warmth that spread through her whole body. Her heart felt like it was leaking. “Oh…oh Cod…” she said, looking at the infant that lay between them. The baby seahorse began crying in earnest, angry at how cold the car was compared to her father’s sac. Snapping out of her feuge, Lulu gently wrapped the robe around the squalling newborn. The squid gave the fry a quick rubdown with the robe, shushing her and trying to warm her.“There, there. I know. Shh…it’s alright, here’s your daddy,” she said, gently passing the bundle onto Dan’s chest.If Lulu’s heart had sprung a leak, Baldwin’s had flat-out exploded. He stared at the gurgling infant laying against him, at a complete loss for words, tears cascading down his face. He finally laughed and folded his arms over the baby’s back, bringing her head closer to his. Lulu leaned over, plucking his glasses from the floor, and situated them on his nose. She kissed his forehead. He continued to watch the baby as she shifted in the confines of the robe. One of his thumbs absently rubbed her head and he kissed her scalp. She let out a little cry of displeasure. “Hey,” he finally said, “you’re okay, kiddo, you’re okay. I get it, it’s a lot, huh?” He kissed her wrinkly, green hand as it curled around his index finger. She was so tiny. Oh yeah, he thought, definitely in love. “Oh honey, she’s beautiful,” Lulu gushed. “Absolutely perfect.” She softly ran a hand over the baby’s head. “She’s certainly something,” he said. “Danny, you’re shaking,” Lulu said. “Are you cold?” Baldwin hadn’t even noticed, but his teeth were chattering as well. “Shock, maybe? I dunno…” Dan laughed, but even his words shuddered. He felt like he’d suddenly downed five energy drinks in two seconds. Without hesitating, Lulu removed her evening gown, leaving only her slip underneath, and draped it over her fiancé’s shoulders. “Y-You may think you’re looking after me, but I know you’re really just stripping for the h-hot paramedics,” Daniel snarked. Lulu laughed, rolling her eyes. She managed to maneuver all three of them until Baldwin was laying against her chest, still holding their daughter. Dan could have fallen asleep right there, but something was still on his mind. “Lu,” he said, not taking his eyes off his firstborn, “what you said in the restaurant to Marlene. About being happy to raise my kids?”The squid hugged the seahorse closer to her, “Uh-huh?”“That wasn’t just talk, was it?” He looked up at her. “I mean, would you really want to…be their mom?” Lulu’s eyes filled with tears again. “‘Cause, I think…I think I really want you to be their mother. I probably should have said that a few months ago, but…we were kinda busy.” Her lips pressed firmly against his in response. Their hearts thudded against each other. “Sweetness, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that question,” she confessed. “I wanted to ask, to offer it myself, but…it’s not really one of those things…” She laughed, tears still rolling down her face. “I absolutely want to be their mom. I love our kids.” Baldwin grinned so broadly he thought his lips might crack. “I love you so much, Lu. You really have no idea.” “I think I have an inkling,” she squeezed him.Daniel’s smile faded and he groaned as the vice of pain returned. Fortunately for the both of them, they could finally hear the siren of an ambulance. “Took them long enough,” Lulu sighed. “I was wondering if I might have to deliver her sisters.” “Lucky you. I don’t have a choice in the matter…” He curled up on himself, holding his firstborn close to his chest. “Yeah,” Lulu chuckled, looking at her battered hand. “Lucky.” “Man, I really did a number on your-” Baldwin blinked slowly, suddenly feeling off.“Dan?”“Lu, I…I feel…” His vision swam, an extreme vertigo suddenly upon him. The flashing ambulance lights illuminated his daughter’s face, the last thing he saw before losing consciousness....
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Vaginal Yaoi by krappykinx
Pineapple Soda


Welcome to Mpregnation!


Welcome to Mpregnation! PLEASE read the rules before submitting anything to our gallery as we are very strict.

:bulletorange:!!! S U B M I S S I O N S . A R E . U N L I M I T T E D !!!:bulletorange:

:bulletblue: We take ALL art relating to male bellies. Even non-mpreg.

:bulletblue: ALL IN-STORAGE ART IS DELETED. We remove them.

:bulletblue: Offensive, insensitive and anti-mpreg comments are hidden.

:bulletblue: Please do not post 'Why was my art declined?' comments.

:bulletblue: We feature RP requests and mpreg commission comments.

:bulletblue: We only feature and accept very high quality artworks.

:bulletred: Your character must look male: We allow your art if your character was not born male, or is not male internally just as long as they look male externally. We trust that you are submitting a character that is visibly male and identifies as either male or is androgynous with masculine leanings.

:bulletred: Your character must be fleshy: We do not take robots, vehicles, plants, or other non-flesh and blood concepts that deviate too far from the concept of male bellies or of pregnant males and too far into other fetishes. The exception is if they look human such as with androids or plantism humanoid men.

:bulletred: Your character must be humanoid: We do not take animals as their outward appearance as males is what this group collects and many animals are difficult to tell the genders of. We also do not take mostly-animal anthros. Though slight anthros and kemonomimi such as nekos are permitted.

:bulletred: Your character must be clear: With extreme toon, chibi, or ultra stylized art, it can become difficult to discern the genders of the characters in the subject matter. Anime, semi-realism, generally slightly detailed styles, photos, realism, and hyper realism are encouraged. Caricature and Picasso styles are not.

:bulletred: Your art must be belly-oriented: Body building and obesity are permitted, but this group is for bellies specifically and not full body fetishes so full body expanding and super musculature inflation are not encouraged. Chubby, fit and other ordinary body types are appreciated as long as the belly is the focus.



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Looking for someone to roleplay with.  I'll only rp on DA/Notes or chat
I have an adorable guy(Young adult in his twenties) I'd love to roleplay.  He's G A Y  so mxm no mxf please
I only roleplay the carrier and that's it, and here's what I'm okay with and basically required to rp lol

What I like-

World where cis male preg D O E S N 'T HAPPEN, TIS UNNORMAL , makes it all the more fun plus more drama <u<
Long term rp-
Rapid Preg-
Extended Gestation/Preg-  ((I don't care for birth, just the belly.  So I like it to last as long as possible))
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Weight/energy/strength loss from rapid preg- ((No weight gain or other body inflation of anykind)
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Pregnancy (fpreg/mpreg either one)
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🌷Breast expansion/lactation
🌷Cum Inflation

May be missing a few more things but that’s pretty much it.Feel free to pm me.✨

Note: Please no one liners,I usually play semi-lit to advanced lit.Third person.
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