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Favourite Visual Artist
Kate Scheckenbacher (only because she is my sister)
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Billy Joel, Marc Gunn
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Computers, Lutheranism, Photography, Biking
I have started to up load a series of Pictures of My beloved hometown of Pittsburgh, as of now I have only done 2 pictures, but more shall follow.
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lets see how real artists react to this rank amature, should I continue this hobby or just keep my pictures for memories?  I have submited 2 of my best non-people non-landscape ones, I have a few Landscapes I think are great, and I just love.  One I payed to get printed up, and posted in my office and at my home.  I hope that if I get critizied that they also offer suggestions on how to be better at the pictures.  Instead of how someplaces on the net I seen (but never submited to) where they will just say "it sucks, and you suck" I hope they give me pointers, I hope if the pictures are bad I get "bad picture, but if you did xxxxxx it wuold be
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WOW, I forgot all about this account, also amazed I could remember the password also. Maybe I should start doing photos again more and upload them here.
I will have to up load some new pictures soon.
Hi. I'm a software developer in pittsburgh too. I like the city shots. I often mean to take my camera downtown to shoot during lunch, but I never do.
What not because of my abilities? ; P Just funnin' you. Finally found you had a hard time doing just that : P

P.S. Scheckenbacher
Hay kate, sorry ya because you are my sister. I still have to select those pics for you and send them to you. Also I do most of my bloging over at my site ( I make you misrable later
Hi Michael. The 503s on Slashdot finally drove you here, then? :)
Ya, I figure I can explore a round for a bit. Also maybe the people here might be a bit more mature then the /. group.

Also it is about time to change places I hang out on the net, /. was what I did in collage, I am not the same person I was in collage, not to say I don't like who I was, it is just I think I am a better person now. What I mean is then I was a night person most of the time, I did not like working with average computer users, and if it was not Linux it was not worth my time. Well now, I will pull an all nighter only if I feel I have to, and I like to get to bed early, that way I can get to work earlier and get off sooner and enjoy the sun shine, and enjoy a physical activity. I also enjoy working with many end users that don't know the first thing about computers, it can be very rewarding. Also I still like linux but I now reconize that all 3 major OS'es have their place and all 3 are good for where they belong ( I still cures windows alot, but I will use it when I need ) and I have grown a strong love for OSX, it just a nice system. Also in collage, my parents were supporting me, and now I am self supporting.

Times change, the world change, I changed, maybe the places I hang out on line should change too. Maybe I needed the 503's I probably will still go back to read some time, but I don't think I will be spending hours there at a shot. Maybe it is time I get my news from a news paper, and not a bias geek "news" site.

Ok so I have gone on to long now, so I will sign now.