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Normandy SR3 page 2

And here we go... This is the new Normandy SR3 I designed it...
The design is pure and very simple... It's armed with N7 Thrusters...
And finally the Panoramic Roof that brings an awesome view from interior... Just imagine it!!!... I'm sure you like it....
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I intended to, but no promises ;) (Wink) 
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Did we go back in time? Sr0 (before the sr 1 we see) was one engine style like yours. There is debate about the me 3 version but if you read the info they took apart sr 2. Which means sr 2 in me 3 is actually Sr 3. Ether way nice work.

FYI reverse engineer is what is mentioned in game which means it was dismantled.
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This is simply stunning O_O

I like the one on the top left the most, I would love to have that on my phone :D
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Just a quick little suggestion. First, I love this ship so much. It is like a human-salarian design, which I thibk it pretty awesome. Anyways, here's my suggestion: Maybe you should add the blue Systems Alliance logo and maybe some blue marking/stripe things (lol you probably know what I'm referring to). I also like the N7 logo on there because it lets other ships know that an N7 marine captains the ship. :)
Geth ships do not have windows. They are a structural weakness.
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[joker's gesture]:)
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It's brilliant, but i think it is too short or too wide ;)
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yes, it's a bit wider and bigger than the older version. in fact i've considered more capacity.
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it has "slow" proportions, i think
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Wow this is an amazing concept. Could I ask your permission to create a 3D Model of this?
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Thank you! for what purpose?
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o just for my collection but i'd like to submit the finished product to my DA account gallery and would credit you in the description of course
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No problem, but don't forget to include designer(me) in credits.
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should be a DLC that gives your normandy this skin , i would buy it.
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Cute, I wanna this Normandy ^^
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Looks more like a fighter craft than a starship.
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