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typography - rockwell


:+fav: & comments greatly appreciated!

Just experimenting. Made for Kreattiv-Wave. Font used: Rockwell.

Wallpaper version available on request.

Floral Deco Brushes 2 by ~ro-stock
Medusa Nebula Stock by =Moonchilde-Stock
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A vibrant and eye grabbing piece, this really makes great use of the spunky colour palatte with the dark blue and inky background.

This would be perfect wallpapaer choice for an upbeat mood. The use of floral patterns is new and fresh compared to the artist's other works; and the clever use of the letters 't' 'y' 'p' and 'e' inside the original typography is catchy.

This has a lot of potential for being a fun and spunky wallpapaper. The few aspects that I personally feel need attention or changing are:

- the bottom part of the design. This is something that bothers me when I look at it. The highlighted chunks of the typography don't seem to sit well, there.

- the upper and lower part of the screen could instead have something else. Any other design, inspired and set against a fading/transitioning background colour that smoothens out gradient-wise. Maybe a touch of nature, critters or something along those lines?
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Thank-you for taking the time to review and critique :)

I will try to make these changes! Sounds like good ideas! Thank-you for being constructive throughout your criticism.

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I'm always a constructive ol' fart! :heart:
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I would say it is a little over the top to be truly enjoyed.
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thank-you. I may revise this to be more simple.
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And maybe decrease the distance between the letters a little :D
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thank you woekan :D
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Now that is rather special :D
Thumbs up buddy!
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i would also like a wallpaper =)
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consider it released in the next few days :)
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Amazing.. Love it..
Would really be interested in knowing how u made this piece.. Some tips/tricks/tutorials..
Wud luv a wallpaper...
PS: U can check a typography piece which i did for my college fest last yr, in my gallery...
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thanks a lot :)

I don't use tutorials I'm afraid! I might release a tutorial at some point if I find the time

wallpaper might be released soon thanks :)

have made some comments/suggestions hope u find it helpful
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ya i understand, thats y had asked tips (apart from a tutorial) on how u made this piece. :D
thanks for the comments. However, as the pieces i made were to be used for printing on what we call Flexes (banners printed on plastic cloth like media), I couldnt work with very bright colours. They dont come out as they appear on a computer screen. Though I have tried that out also..
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have you tried screen-printing? it's an alternative method for printing - might work on plastic cloths

I've sent you a note that you might find useful

good luck
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I know what screen printing is. But its pretty diff from what we do..
We have a large scale annual fest. I made the designs for banners and we got them printed from a shop and got them put up throughout our campus to attract attention...
Thanks. I have been keeping touch with that site..
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good luck and if you ever need any help or tips or anything, I shall try my best to help you - but as of right now, am a busy person so can only give suggestions I'm afraid
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Thanks a lot man.. Really appreciate it..
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thanks Ange <3
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ty a lot Drag :D 8D?
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No prob ;p 8D= happier smiley face
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