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depth - wallpaper pack

By mpk2
(c) - Do not redistribute without my permission thanks!

:+fav: & comments greatly appreciated!

I could have made the sky more like my usual releases but thought I'd take a break with this one. This has more of a softer landscape feel.

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May I use this? If you have a clean version?
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Use this for what exactly?
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Awesome work! Request permission to add your wallpaper here: [link]

Source Link will redirect to this page.

Waiting your answer.
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in depth response ~ classic :)
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Awesome work. Thanks for sharing! ;)
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and to a goo effect too.. this feels very earthy!! >>lolzz.. i always peek-a-boo a balloon!! ;D
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is it just my monitor or is the gradient of the sky really not that smooth ? Apart from that, Nice job.
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to do with source + compression sorry :(
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Dont worry, Hehe. I know the problems too well. Im really liking your wallpapers.
See you around ;)
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thanku too much :)
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I found you! Awesome wall!


Thanks for making this! Featured here: Lucid for Win 7
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Great job! :+fav:!
btw: where do you get our stock from?
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I mean your stock
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