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would you like a pie?

By MPHP-ao
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from Mighty Boosh's pie sketch.
goes along with this one; [link]
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This is amazing, I'm really digging the colours and your style!
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loved this bit they did. Great job on the picture. .....:( why you no like my pie?
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great!!!!!! I love this :D
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what did you draw this in - paint? i'm amazed by how good your style looks and works. great colouring. looks special and i really like it that way!
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That's fantastic i really is. Verry chilling....on something that I'm still not sure what was going on.
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Mmmmmmbut it is a gooooooood pie
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i love the colors together, this is very pretty!
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This is just wonderfully done. :D
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But it is a good pie....

Te last time you gave me pie... I cut into it with my tiny pie cutter... thousands of birds flew out
hitting me in the eyes and the temples...

Why you no lika my pie?!

I just told you!

lol so sorry I had to!
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I really like this style of work!
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Yummeh, I remember seeing that on Youtube. Julian has such a gorgeously looming look to him. Ordinarily I don't like tallness, but he's an exception.
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This is wonderful.
Faved, fersure.
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You captured my very favorite sketch on the live show!
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What the F***! This is F*****KING GOREGOUS.
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"Every day it's f@cking pastry goods with you!"

Love the colors, by the way!
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Why you no like my piiieeeee??

Instant fav.
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All kinds of awesome! I love the Pies skit. :D
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