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Bad Day

Needed a change of pace this weekend.... Here's my Saturday afternoon.

As always, I love to get your feedback. Both + and -

I'd like to thank the following for the use of their stocks. These people make it happen for so many of us. Give them a look and a fav.

faestock for Candy13 [link]
urielbeaupre for stargazing [link]
alwahdany for Part of the planet [link]
and sophiefzy for background stock191 [link]
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thank you... i happy cause for use my work in your work
we need work with you
i think your work is very nice .....
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this reminds me of the movie of Lars Von Tier "Melancholia". It shows a lot of emotion and the light is just awesome, how all the elements come together. Nice work

Please visit this site [link] and hit "COLLECT ME" so I might get a chance to show my work in Times Square... Thank you
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nice work! I love the ideas of this piece
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I like it. It kind of looks like the world is ending..sort of. The girl has such an innocent look on her face. Nice job!
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Lovely, it gives off a really great feeling but im not sure what that felling is, But anyway well done looks beautiful
gemlovesyou's avatar
I don't really get the concept but I like the composition :}
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looks amazing
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Very good again.
Malverde's avatar
i think is interesting your point of view althouh i dont personally see the meaning in the circle above the girl
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awesome idea, I love the colors too!
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this is really cool!
bhmor's avatar
oh my god it the death star!
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The transition from top to bottom is unexpected, I gotta say I love the surprise. The figure seems a little out of place, probably needs more shadows to fit in better. Cool manip!
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Appreciate the comment. And for sure she needs more work. Its one of the items on my todo list for this week. :D
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Good luck with it :)
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Awesome combination of elements, lovely picture!
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you could blend the girl a little more into the scene, but its still nice :)
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I plan on doing so this week sometime. I just needed to walk away from it for a bit. I should have put a WIP on the print. Thank you for your thoughts though. :D
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Holy smokes....this has been up for less than a day and already its got more favs and comments than any other image I've ever posted. Thank you all for the support.
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