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Chibi versions of Captain Picard and Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation meeting Yoda for the first time. Nuff said.

Drawn by hand, colored on PhotoStudio. The background was scanned from an encyclopedia.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars and Star Trek

NOTE: Just addressing an interesting coincidence. Many have noted how similar Picard and Data look to Aang and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Now while people have had the good graces not to go and say "rip-off!", for which I thank you all, I must also point out the submission date of this pic.

According to DA, it's November 3, 2004. Avatar first aired February 21, 2005 in the US, several months more after that here in the Philippines. As you can see, this was actually drawn way before all that.
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RyoLovesMeProfessional Writer
Trekkie all the way, so yes, I don't know what Yoda even is. So he to me is a Gnome!
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A gnome you call me, hmmmm? Go Yoda 
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There should be a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover comic or a crossover movie one day!:yoda: Kylo Ren Lightsaber Emoticon STAR WARS 7 ICON-- BB-8! Star Trek Favorite Emoticons KHAAAAN Vulcan Space Chase 
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VulcanRose2401Student General Artist
No. Star Trek/Doctor Who. If Q meets The Doctor...oh boy...
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TheEpicSkylarHobbyist General Artist
Oh man, I hope Disney reveals Yoda's true species. If not, I'm going to make a book about it. I am a writer, after all.
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JasrynHobbyist Writer
Not good comment.  For my ally is the Force.  Judge me by my size, do you?  Contact your ship.  You will see it is being pulled down by my magic powers for that insult.  It is landing...right about thirty seconds.
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ChrystalK114Hobbyist Digital Artist

Yoda: Gnome, I am not, Robot you are.


Data: Technically, it is said 'I am not a Gnome, but you are a robot.' Although, there is another error in your assumption; I am not a robot. Technically I am an Android. A humanoid artificial life form.

Yoda:Unimpressed :-? (Confused)  


Picard: He's right, you know.

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SE-RogerHobbyist Digital Artist
you done the 'data smart a$$' like how i admagen he would do it
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ThunderLordessHobbyist Traditional Artist
Impressed Yoda is not.
austinthegallade's avatar
:iconyodaplz:: kidding you are?
ObscureSanctuary's avatar
haha, Yoda's face
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MyrethyHobbyist Writer
Not amused, Yoda is.
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millylove1098Hobbyist General Artist
Lol. Yoda isn't a Gnome..
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SistehcapStudent Artist
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MarissaSunshineHobbyist Filmographer
The dialogue made me lol!
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ZDForrestHobbyist General Artist
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Trekke99Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg thats sooo awesome! i love it
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Awesome, there needs to be more pictures like this

Nice work
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Actually, this would happen in they encuonter with Yoda
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arae-nirmaStudent Artist
Pretty please make some more! This one is so funny :D
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Nice drawing
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Sarafan206Student General Artist
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RoazellHobbyist Artist
Yoda: HOW DARE YOU....
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Absolutely wonderful. Data is my favorite. Try one with Geordi, please!
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