When searching for a known devART user script...
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I hit the main deviantART browse button and go through hoops to find what I'm looking for.
I visit the main =Mozilla page and THERE IT IS!
I use the search bar at the top and get a bunch of unexpected results.
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I use a Mozilla FireFox plugin to find it. :D
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hateeyesProfessional Interface Designer
Here too!
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bluesman219Hobbyist Photographer
I come to the Mozilla page!! :D
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annikalikesbeesHobbyist General Artist
Subliminal? =P

I usually use *Mozilla but (gasp) sometimes it's not there :paranoid: where in I usually type the name of the script and deviantart into google, and whoosh, there it is :bucktooth: but ones I use frequently I usually have bookmarked..

I use you guys to keep an eye out for new stuff mostly :bucktooth: or I direct other people looking for scripts here
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I keep an ear on the ground for new stuff - but if I see a new journal from you guys I'll check it out fo' sure. Would be awesome if you had a 'new in this journal update' box at the top where you listed the new scripts/skins etc, the 'new' emotes work alright, but scanning/skimming is so passé ;p

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The-DefinitionProfessional Photographer
I was thinking about adding that "update box" the last time I was editing it! :#1: I'll get ipholio to design a little something with css when he has the time. :P
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There aren't too many listed on that site for deviantART. :P
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Custom search
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i use a custom search
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rotaneProfessional Interface Designer
Yep, it's usually *Mozilla (I know, it's this what you want to hear ;)). Occasionally however I use a bookmark or go to the deviant's page (if I know their name) -- but only if I wanna link to a certain script/extension to help someone in the forums.
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Easy access FTW :salute:
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I have a feeling there's a certain way in which I'm meant to answer this poll...
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The-DefinitionProfessional Photographer
The correct way. :threaten:
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