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Nanofictionary - Homestuck Set

By Mozai
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Looney Labs made a good storytelling game called Nanofictionary, currently out of print. The first half of the game is getting cards with story elements, so you can amuse your friends by telling a short improv story in the second half.

The game begs for customization for genres, themes and fan-fiction, so I made something to get creative juices flowing. This is the full card set -- reduced in size else it's too big for DeviantArt. I used art that is traded between fans, and tried to correctly identify/credit artists on each card. Please let me know the artist credits I am missing, and I'll update the real set here.
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The big dance -- Charlie Brown? xD
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:33 < thank you so much fur posting these! they're pawesome! :D
:33 < do you know how many cards there are in the set now?
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I haven't returned to make more... except for some Midnight Crew. For each main character card, I try to make two problems, two settings and two resolutions; this is to make sure there be plenty of variety.

With the start of Act 6, I feel I really should return and make more cards.
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:33 < alright, i don't really know if you want any ideas since this is your purroject (and you're making it amazing!) but i had a couple of ideas fur action cards.
-breaking the 4th wall (inserting self into the story)
-insta-love: your story must fit into at least one of the quadrants (although that doesn't mean it has to work out)
:33 < f33l fr33 to ignore them if you like, but i just thought i would share in case you liked them. :))
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:33 < ooh, some doc scratch/jack/lord english/snowman cards would be great! and some fur the exiles!
:33 < well, there are definitely more than 104 cards then (that's two decks of standard playing cards). and hopefully even more? XDD
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You spelt Aradia's last name wrong. lol It's Megido, not Megado.
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Whoops. Thank you for the correction. Fixed.

You'd think since *Izuma put her name in the image, I'd know how to spell it correctly. :P
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Also Sekret is Serket on Vriska.
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Thank you. Fixed at [link]
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