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by vespera

it is a really interesting idea to write in a acrostic form for the hidden meanings of the verses spelled out in the first letter of ea...

it is first off, a joy to see something insightful written about the classical chinese writings. there are three aspects i would like t...

Newest Deviations

Longing by moyanII Longing :iconmoyanii:moyanII 9 1 Do You Hear? by moyanII Do You Hear? :iconmoyanii:moyanII 9 2
Collection of Daybreak
potosu ue yoake no tuyu wo toreru kana
on the pothos-
let's collect some dew
from the daybreak!
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 7 1
The Fat Peter Piper
yamabito no fuebuki tani ni nokori yuki
the recluse blowing on a flute-
last snow upon the valley
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 5 1
Purple Cradle
murasaki no yurikago kara sora nagame keri
From the purple cradle
I gaze at the sky
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 6 3
hosomichi ya juuryoku wo toru ojousan
narrow roads-
a lady carefully maintaining her balance
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 5 1
rouboku no kanmuri ya ani no kataguruma
The crown of the old tree-
Piggy back ride on my elder brother
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 6 1
A Page in the Myriads of Stars by moyanII A Page in the Myriads of Stars :iconmoyanii:moyanII 3 1
haikuwrimo April 2015
handoru ni pinku ribon wo chuugoku e
A pink ribbon on the handle,
To China I go.
ruggeji ni kore sore are wo asa no biu
To my luggage,
This, that and those-
Morning drizzle
suzume tachi eda de shaberu ya jiko no michi
The sparrows chat on the branches-
Accident on the road
oyu no naka dango muttsu no warutsu kana
In boiling water,
six dumplings
dancing waltz
zenseki ni umareta neko ni nishib
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 11 17
haikuwrimo summer 2013
hisashiburi haiku no rimo ya taikai e
after so long
a haikuwrimo-
to convention
hato sawagi kyannon no hana ochi ni nari
pigeons making a din,
cannon flowers shatter to the ground
yaki sake ni roozumarii ya neko no nyao
Rosemary to grilled salmon-
the cats meow
cha no naka ni minto ukabu ya seisho yomu
mint leaves floating on the tea-
reading the Bible
hakushon de
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 20 20
Pillow and Bolster by moyanII Pillow and Bolster :iconmoyanii:moyanII 7 1
obentou yo otouto wo ou yabu no naka
Hey, your lunchbox!
i chase my little brother in the thicket
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 8 1
Milky Clouds by moyanII Milky Clouds :iconmoyanii:moyanII 19 5
Punggol Park - A Haiku Excursion
basutei de fantomu no uta kuroi kumo
Phantom's song at the bus stop-
dark clouds
shougatsu no mikka no sono ame komori
Third day of the first month
in a garden,
trapped by the rain.
sazanami ya ike no mawari ni ashi shigeru
water ripples,
all around the pond reeds proliferate.
itozame ni joggingu no hitori kana
among the threads of rain,
all alone.
echi di bi no sobyou to mimi ni emu pi suri
sketch of the HDB apartments
and ears full of MP3
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 12 9
The Light of Spring by moyanII The Light of Spring :iconmoyanii:moyanII 228 18 Karaoke prizes by moyanII Karaoke prizes :iconmoyanii:moyanII 7 0

Random Favourites

Spring Haiku Contest Winners
Spring Haiku Contest Winners

Well, after some long hard thought and the swell advice (judging) from AbCat and AngelaD  we have some winners! But before we get to all that, I’d first like to thank everyone for participating and sharing their wonderful poetry not only with me, but with everyone at dA!
Okay, now on with the awards! :w00t:
The winner of the Grand Prize is…
In place of
yesterday's snow
a white crocus.
Congratulations to diamondie on crafting such a wonderful haiku. She will receive a 6 months sub and a Haiku Rules mug, plus her poem will be featured in the news article to follow soon (hopefully).
Her poem has a great sense of season and movement that is so hard to capture properly in a haiku, in addition to that, it has a quality that Basho called sabi, or a sense
:iconmsjames:MSJames 26 17
Rain by RetroZombie Rain :iconretrozombie:RetroZombie 15 50
Haibun - 5
It's been raining all day today. It wasn't supposed too, it was supposed to snow, but I guess it was just not meant to be. It sort of reminds me of life, you expect and anticipate one thing, but you usually end up with having to settle for something much less desirable. However, unlike the weather, you can attempt to alter the forecast of your life, if you're willing to try.
My neighbor, a red-tailed hawk, sits atop an old power pole as he searches for his next meal, while I watch from inside my warm dry house. He doesn't seem to mind the rain and even though I can't see him that well, I'm sure the water is rolling off his feathers, while underneath he is just as dry and warm as I am. He has every right to complain and hide himself away, be he does not, choosing instead to weather the cold rain and live, thrive.
Suddenly, he swoops down into the tall winter wheat after something he deems worthy to be his next meal. As my eyes follow him, I notice that some of the rain has become thic
:iconmsjames:MSJames 4 33
Spring Haiku Contest
Spring Haiku Contest
Spring had seemingly sprung, in most parts of the northern hemisphere that is, and what better way to celebrate spring that with a haiku contest with spring as the theme.
So take a look around at the beauty of nature and write about it.
Theme: Spring

Starts 03-26-07 and ends 04-16-07
The task is a simple one, write a haiku (one only) that best represents your idea of spring. It must be a new deviation and you must note me to enter the contest.
The judging will be done solely by me and the prizes will be provided by me and the AngelaD
Resources: To learn more about how to think about, write and enjoy haiku, check out these invaluable resources.
AhaPoetry - haiku
Wudang-mountain - a haiku resource for all who have interest in the world of short verse.
Grand Prize – a 6 months sub & a
:iconmsjames:MSJames 53 53
My own clouds by incredi My own clouds :iconincredi:incredi 120 93 reprise of fairys tears by ssilence reprise of fairys tears :iconssilence:ssilence 2,454 458 Walking on Clouds by gilad Walking on Clouds :icongilad:gilad 6,590 1,135 Flight of the Bumblebee by mdandree Flight of the Bumblebee :iconmdandree:mdandree 13 26
The Artery: Challenge Three
Many thanks and delicious cocktails to all the participants for this week's challenge! Here are the submissions we received:

...and we also received Moonlight Warrior by MariaBeloArt, which doesn't technically count because the challenge called for a visual piece and not a written one. However, we at The Artery have a soft spot for misguided effort, so we've included it anyway!
It was fantastic to see so many poets leaping into the breach and trying something new, no matter how timid they may have been about their actual artistic skills. I can tell you it's hard! So a great deal of love goes out to them.
The Artery Database And Chatroom
:star: Get chatting in #artery today! :star:
Bowing to popular pressure (or at least the pesterings of a few particular devotees
:iconzebrazebrazebra:zebrazebrazebra 22 23
A Broken Engagement by moyan A Broken Engagement :iconmoyan:moyan 14 8 The morning Symphony... by YuriBonder The morning Symphony... :iconyuribonder:YuriBonder 222 43 Yeah, Baby by Daxius Yeah, Baby :icondaxius:Daxius 660 275 Calligraphy in the snow by PhilipLim Calligraphy in the snow :iconphiliplim:PhilipLim 216 80 Sunlight by Bogbrush Sunlight :iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 3 21 Golda 2 by zeldis Golda 2 :iconzeldis:zeldis 204 112

Journal History



pochi pochi to mado no garasu ni ame no hana
namida hisoka ni kokoro wo nijimu

spattering on the window pane
raindrops bloom;
tears, secretly seep
into my heart.

complete art work is at my art account :iconmoyan:…


Issa 8

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 7:47 AM


kobayashi Issa

daiko hiki daikon de michi wo oshie keri

with the harvested radish,
he pointed at the way to go.


it's the season for harvesting the radish and issa was a newcomer who needed direction from a local who knows the way, but everyone was busy at their job of plucking out the their precious crop.

finally he found this farmer who had just successfully unearthed one of his radishes who would tell him the way by pointing with the radish he was holding in his hand.

this is indeed an expertly chosen snapshot of a farmer's life that shows the diligence in their work and the hospitality and kindness showed to a mere traveller.
it also conveys some feelings of uncertainty issa felt while he was on his journey, although the mood was tinted by his usual sense of humor.


i'm just a rather new haijin but the deviantART literary community had decided to bestow upon me the honor to represent "haiku and eastern poetry" in the projecteducate's week of poetry form.

an interview was conducted and posted in BeccaJS's journal:

PE: Interview with some dA haiku masters

anyway, i am no master of haiku ^^;
i am just the 'farmer' who had worked hard, and when you ask me the way, i will point the way to the best of my knowledge.
also, with the fruit of my labour: my collection of haiku in the gallery.


the clubs i joined:

my default account where i post my visual art :iconmoyan:

my art projects:
project Resonance
project Rendevous
The Law for the Wolves
the 5th season
project KARUTA 2007
KARUTA cards available for sale
Ink Fragrance
Snow in Singapore
  • Listening to: spirited away by hisaishi joe
  • Reading: the giant book of facts and trivia by isaac asimov
  • Eating: LAYS bbq flavored potato chips
  • Drinking: blueberry ribena with lemon


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
study of japanese language together with apprenticeship in haiku-writing is a long-standing hobby.

painting is another love of my life. i haven't been able to shake it off no matter how tied down by other affairs in real life.

traditional paintings were done using chinese ink on rice paper. i also do graphite and color pencil drawings, as well as digital art by photoshop 7.0.

see my other artwork at the default dA art account: :iconmoyan:




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