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So... Moxie did a thing! Been wanting to do something like this for a long time! This is a thank you to all my friends and those I chat and talk with in the community. Depending on the response I may open these guys up for YHH? Let me know in the comments and I shall ponder. No horns and very simplified designs just to save my hand. Elapsed Work Time: 6 hours. Here's all the info you need to know, from up to down, leftish to rightish in appearance:

No Way Nods - 319 Sanguineum Maria | Royal | - Owned by Murderfesto
Swimmy Leggies - 3970 | Hot Rod - Owned by AstroPonies
Attitude Stomps - 3466 | Eitr | Reference - Owned by Winzer
Prancy Creep - 3249 MSS Cocaine - Owned by ComplacentFool
Swimmy Grace - 2913 | IHS Versailles - Owned by Fargonon
Leapy Run - 103 Flavium Regnum - Owned by Midnitella
Anger Kickies - 2816 - Domina in Rubro - Owned by me <3
Snek snek snek - 3789 | Snake Plissken | Reference - Owned by Winzer 
Flail Tantrum - 4444 | Siderea - Owned by BrynLison
Tongue Bleps - 1303 SAGITTA - Owned by skellri
Flail Buckies - 1614 Ab Aquilone | Mountain - Owned by kaons

Chibi Colored Animation (8 unique frames) +8
Extra Character Chibi +5.5
TOTAL: 13.5

Enjoy you guys! I love you and hope this brightened up your day a bit!
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I adore every single one of these omfg