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2403 - Angrboda

* Reference made by Winzer *

Name: Angrboda
Call Name: Jotun, Goddess
ID: 2403
Breed: EquusBallator 
Type: Mountain
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 years
Height: 18hh
Theme Song: Cold As Ice by Foreigner

Genotype: EE aa Rr Zz nO nDs
Phenotype: Silver Dotted Sooty Blue Roan Overo with Countershading
Rarity: 11 (Medium)
   Roan +1
   Overo +1
   Silver +1
   Dotted Sooty +2
   Pastel Horn Color +2
   Spiraled head set +1, spined +2

Accepted Foal Design:
2403 - Angrboda

Level: Advanced Hunter
   * Dog (Alaskan Malamute) - Proof here
      +1 Speed & +2 intelligence per full body drawing after 9/1/17
Stat Tracker: 2403 Angrboda - Stat Tracker
Stat Points: 218
   Gait +19
   Dressage +17
   Jumping +17
   Intelligence +51
   Stamina +56
   Speed +26
   Strength +32
   Experience +0
   Attack Strength +0

Personality: Witty, strong, and with a love of the cold, Angrboda is perhaps one of the most effortlessly regal mares in the stable. If she grows bored she can become very moody and icy, but generally her disposition is one of amusement and realistic optimism. Though she remains professional, this mare is not above using small tricks to get what she wants when something stands in her way.

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: 1204 King of the Red Moon
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: B-078 Rex Fulminis
----------------- DS: ID 799 Canis
------------------------------------------ DSD: B-156 Domina Litori
Dam: 1357 | Aphrodite | Reference
------------------------------------------ DDS: 137 - Filius a Tempestate
----------------- DD: 1124 Seeker of Truth
------------------------------------------ DDD: 145 WWS's Absconsionem a turbine et in umbra

Breeding Slots - OPEN: $13 and a breeding picture OR 17 stat points. Read my Breeding Terms (All breedable species) before asking for a slot! Prices will increase as slots decrease.
1. Mine - stallion: 494 | Melekure Stables | Princeps Sanquinem Morbo - foal: unborn
2. Mine - stallion: 3406 | Telos - foal: unborn
3. Mine
5. Mine
Flamestorm11 - parent slot - stallion: undecided - foal: unborn
7. Winzer  -parent slot - stallion: undecided - foal: unborn
8. 11FallenAngel97 - paid - stallion: 2234 - Pileus Asino
9. USED - Foal: 4338 Icy heart
10. ID 3762
werewolfluva - paid - stallion: WWS- 1909 Amo Latro
16. Intermediate - open
17. Advanced - open
18. Expert - open
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Baby baby babyyyyyy~
Solis-oculus's avatar
I'm gonna use the slot to 
WWS- 1909 Amo Latro by That-Artistic-Chick
Solis-oculus's avatar
Hai so I got the genos black for the baby ^^ . But unfornutly I'm not connecting with the foal design would you like to buy the baby? Right now I'm asking 600  of course that's negotiable 
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Have you posted the foal design for approval yet? I love abgrboda's children so odds are I would want it. Especiallt if it's still a geno and not designed.
Solis-oculus's avatar
I love her so much.. i might buy another slot lol but im just so sad i cannot connec with the baby No haven't posted it yet I was going to. The geno would be Ee Aa nCh nZ RR nSb nSpl nDy
Silver dusty amber champagne roan sabino splash
But if you want to buy the genos then sure.
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Awesome! Yeah, I'd love to buy it from you. I'm at work for another 8 hours, but if you could send me a note with the breeding note link, sire and dam, the genos, and a stash link to your foal design, i'd really appreciate it! I can send the points when i get home and then you can send the transfer note once you get the points :)
Solis-oculus's avatar
Can I trade you the baby to another slot to her or would u rather points?^^
MoxieMysteries's avatar
The geno for a slot is fine! Like i said, jist shoot me a note with everything i'll need (including the transfer note now)
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Could you link me to the breeding note for this bab as well please?
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Solis-oculus's avatar
Do you have any interest in slot trades? 
MoxieMysteries's avatar
I  most certainly am! Show me who you have open that you would be willing to part for a slot to in exchange for one to this gal :)
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Ooo I love this filly here: 2041 Lgere species

Could I get a slot to her in exchange for a slot to this mare?
MoxieMysteries's avatar
All marked! You'll have 4 months to use it before I send you a reminder that it will disappear if it hasn't been used. Let me know what stallion you'll pair with her too!
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Got it all marked! I left a comment on your mare with the stallion I'll be using <3
11FallenAngel97's avatar
I'd love a slot for stats please!
MoxieMysteries's avatar
I've updated your slot. The total 13 stats will be due by 4/1
11FallenAngel97's avatar
When my stats are all in, I'll be using my slot to her with my slot to your boy Pileus Asino.
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Updated, just waiting for group approval on the stats
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