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:bulletblue: PAYMENT METHODS:
- All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars.)
- All listed prices are base prices and are subject to change, depending on complexity.


:bulletblue: PLEASE NOTE!:
- When inquiring, send a DeviantART Note with your email address if possible, as I don't find notes to be as reliable in the long run. (
- I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.
- I will not create any nudity/hentai images.
- I am a full time University student and I also work, so I don't have all the time in the world!
- State in as much detail as possible how you would like the commission, and present any references so I can understand what you want as accurately as possible.
- Remember this is my art, and I will be uploading it into my gallery, as that's half the reason I do this. If you have issues with people stealing the work, I will remove the download feature.
- Do not remove any watermarks/signatures, and please post credit wherever it is used.

:bulletgreen: DIGITAL COMMISSIONS: :bulletgreen:

SKETCHES (Tradiational or Digital)
- Head: $5
Nintendo Girls 2 :Sketches: by moxie2D Game Girls p1 :Sketches: by moxie2D
- Bust: $10
Cammy SF4 Sketch by moxie2D:thumb172597647:
- Full Body: $15
Bikini Rikku FFX-2. by moxie2D Samus Aran - Wanderer by moxie2D

- Head: $10
Android 17. :Lineart: by moxie2D Perfect Cell. :Lineart: by moxie2D
- Bust: $15
Majin Vegeta - Dmg. :Lineart: by moxie2D Super Gogeta. :Lineart: by moxie2D
- Full Body: $20
$Goku and Vegeta. :Lineart: by moxie2D Lucario. :Lineart: by moxie2D

FULL COLOUR (Photoshop)
- Head: $30
Super Saiyan II by moxie2D Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta by moxie2D
- Bust (Simple/No Background): $35
Full-Power SSj3 Gogeta :H+S: by moxie2D Mystic Super Saiyan :H+S: by moxie2D
- Bust (Effects & Background): $45
Mystic Gohan Powers Up: DBKai by moxie2D Super Perfect :Commission: by moxie2D
- Full Body (Simple/No Background): $45
Eighteen :Commission: by moxie2D Shadow the Hedgehog :Poster: by moxie2D
- Full Body (Effects & Background): $55
SSj3 Vegeta: True Final Flash by moxie2D

- I will also be taking commissions to colour in a drawing or lineart which you have created, at price which really depends on the kind of drawing/lineart it is.  If that interests you, feel free to send me a note with a link to the image, so I can decide if I will be able to colour it effectively.
SSj4 Vegeta :Colour Commish: by moxie2D
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Submitted on
August 31, 2011