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Payment Methods
     ►All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars.)
     ►All listed prices are base prices and are subject to change, depending on complexity.
     ►I only accept PayPal!

Type 1 Comm - $25 to $55:
►Full body or waist up, basic cel shading and full colour. Fairly simple backgrounds.
►The base price is $40. I may add or subtract depending on detail / complexity.
►I'm no longer using SAI to create lineart; it just bores me now. 100% tablet drawings.

$25 Sword Art Online - Kirito by moxie2D$40 The Legend of Korra by moxie2D$40 Reize Seatlan :Commission: by moxie2D$40 Skyward Sword: Carefree Zelda by moxie2D$55 Nina - Dragonball OC :Commission: by moxie2D

Type 2 Comm - $20 to $45:
►Portrait or waist up. Prices are assuming only one character.
►The base price is $30. I may add or subtract depending on detail / complexity.
►These tend to be basically screenshot fakes. Basic cel shading and full colour. Fairly simple backgrounds.

$20 Tenshi Ni Fureta Yo - Azusa :Sketch: by moxie2D$30 Sokka... Zip it by moxie2D$30 SSj3 Vegeta Final Impact by moxie2D$45 Avatar Tribute: Aang and Korra by moxie2D

"Colour My Lines" Comm:
►I'm happy to be paid to colour lines that you may not feel like doing yourself etc.
►I will not edit the lines, besides colour, and if I don't think the lines aren't quite what I'm up to working with, then I may deny.
►Pricing really depends on the kind of drawing/lineart it is.  If that interests you, feel free to send me a note with a link to the image.

SSj4 Vegeta :Colour Commish: by moxie2D

   ►I am not doing animation commissions at this stage.
   ►When inquiring, send a DeviantART Note with your email address if possible: (
   ►I reserve the right to refuse any commission request for whatever reason.
   ►I am a full time University student and I also work, so I don't have all the time in the world! Please be patient.
   ►State in as much detail as possible how you would like the commission, and present any references.
   It is unlikely I will agree to a commission if there are no visual references.

Any questions, please comment!
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SadisticSeven Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Please let me know when you open up again! ;-; 

/aw just noticed this is in  2013 (,::: fml 
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no ´points? :c
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