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How's it going guys?

So my first month of Digital Art and membership at DeviantART has passed, and I gotta say it's been a lot of fun.

I was saying I was going to try something new at one month, but I don't think I'm finished with Dragonball yet. So I think I'll throw in some other characters from other shows and games ect every now and then, but Dragonball seems to be my main focus. You guys voted and said I should keep up the DBZ anyway, so yeah, I think I'll do a mixture.

I gotta thank everyone for supporting me; watching, commenting, faving and just visiting. Big thanks to carapau for unintentionally helping me kick-start digitally, and yeah, thanks to everyone else for checking out my stuff!

Oh by the way, I dug up a bunch of old drawings, stuff from when I was about 13, 'till about a year ago, so I might upload some of the stuff i like. There's a heap of original characters and different styles, so expect some random sketches. From memory I have some work similar to Air Gear and Deathnote, a bit of Sonic and Pokemon, my own style development, and ofcourse some Dragonball. There's a Super Saiyan 2 Krillin and Pan in there somewhere, and I seem to recall a Super Saiyan 4 Teen Gohan.

I probably won't be doing any more requests, maybe one every now and then, but don't always expect a yes.

Also, I got featured by wLadyB91. In my next journal I'll work all that out :P

Enjoy my work, seeya'll around ;)

~ Tom ~
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Just a little something that I came across earlier, that I think everyone know about.

The fourth installment of the Dragonball Tenkaichi series "Raging Blast" has blessed us with some new, possibly controversial characters, Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta and Broly.

There's bound to be a few more interesting additions to the cast, possibly the fusion of Vegeta and Goku as Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta, maybe even a Super Saiyan Bardock, who knows.

I personally loved the previous Tenkaichi games, and I'm really glad they added some new excited stuff to the next installment, which I was beginning to think was never going to come. The news definitely comes as some more inspiration for my Dragonball art.

I think I've written Super Saiyan enough, so I'll leave you all to ponder.

Oh, here's some proof if you think it's more fake fanboy stuff.

Enjoy! ;)

~ Tom ~
So here I am, after 16 years of drawing, I decide to make myself a Deviantart profile, thanks to a few mates (TrebleEXE, look him up).

I hadn't done any digital work before a week or so ago. I used to create my own characters and draw certain video game and anime characters, using pretty much a pencil and a fineliner.
Now I wanna change things up a bit, and get on the computer.

This is my first week doing digital art, so I figured the easiest and most familiar place to start was with Dragonball characters. I havn't drawn them in a fairly long time, but they're simple enough, so it didn't take much to get back into it.

carapau's linearts got me going, they looked good, so I decided to colour one in.
One led to another, which led to another, and I've done about 10 of them. After looking around a bit to find out how I can do my own lineart, I ditched the tablet and began using a neat little program that invented all my current lineart drawings from my scanned greylead sketches.

So there you have it, I've been digitalising for about a week as often as I can, including at school, which probably isn't too good for my marks, especially being near exam week. Might have to ease off the drawings a bit next week, but whatever, we'll see what happens.

Enjoy my work, some stuff other than Dragonball will be up in the coming weeks ;)

~ Tom ~
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