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Based off/Inspired 110% by *sakimichan's recent Pocahontas piece.

I really really needed to start doing some actual digital painting, so I figured I'd use it as reference and just see if I could do what she did. I think I did a decent job, at the very least for my first attempt. There wasn't even any underdrawing, which is really crazy for me.

The face ended up turning out kinda cute, which wasn't what I was originally going for, but at least it sets it apart. She looks much younger, and doesn't really look anything like Pocahontas, but oh well. She almost looks like Talim from Soul Calibur haha.

I'm definitely going to do a lot more of these. If I can get a style down consistently I'll be really happy, and will hopefully get better fast. If you guys have any ideas of who I should do next, let me know!

Anyway, enjoy.

Time: Almost 5 hours
Photoshop CS5
Inspiration: :iconsakimichan:
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