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I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty happy with this one.

I didn't put as much effort into it as I did with the Super Saiyan Fours, but I still think this one turned out well.

I'm open for criticism here though, just because I like it doesn't mean the rest of you will.

I might add a few more effects to make his orbs look a bit more shiny, they're the only part I don't really like.

Thin lines are definitely my style, so sorry to disappoint d:
EDIT: Thin lines might not really be my style anymore!

So yeah, enjoy.

Lineart: [link]
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Awesome details, colouring, effects, lighting, shading and expression.
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Wow, you did this yourself?! It's great!!! :D
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My favorite DBZ villain of all,so,all I can say is long live Frieza :)
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I love it, I absolutely love it :love:

Frieza's my favorite villain ever, period.
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I like that sinister look on his face.
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Hey, just thought you should be aware of this: [link]
Rosemary-the-Skunk's avatar
*looks at "art", complete with lack of credit to the original artist*

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That's not all... [link]

Rosemary-the-Skunk's avatar

I think my brain just melted.

I mean, it's ok to love Frieza and all, I mean, heck, look at me. But layering your Mary Sue over people's hard work, and without crediting them I might add? That's just not cool in any sense of the word.
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It's a disgrace.
Rosemary-the-Skunk's avatar
It makes me wanna cry.

I'm just glad no-ones done that to art, thank god...
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fabulous job! he is my absolute FAVORITE dbz villian :) no one can top him imo. i love his expression and pose :D
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Does any one else think he is hot
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He was a GREAT villain! I mean I couldn't WAIT for someone to make him fall!
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BEYOND amazin. :) I have this as my cell phone wall paper now.
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Haha thanks a lot, glad to hear it :)
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wow, that's amazing.
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i ♥ frieza he is my fav.! he reminds me of reala from nights journey of dreams!
AMAZING your drawings are as good if not better than Akira Toriyamas
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Awesome, this picture really does Frieza justice
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this is very nice i love it iont think the orbs need to be more shiny!
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That is a awsome picture of Frieza!
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