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Date Joined: 7/11/2014
Current Funds: 0 St



Species: Absol 
Nature: Timid
-Characteristic: Nods off a lot 
Gender: Male                     Age: Can’t Remember
Ability: Super Luck

Strength: 1                   Agility: 4
Intelligence: 5                Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Dark] -> [Intelligence] (ex. Dragon -> Strength)

Move 1: Hex
Move 2: Razor Wind
Move 3: Sucker Punch
Move 4: Detect



Species: Riolu 
Nature: Bold
-Characteristic: Mischievous 
Gender: Male                     Age: 3 
Ability: Prankster

Strength: 5                  Agility: 1
Intelligence: 1              Charisma: 5

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Fighting] -> [Strength]

Move 1: Double Team
Move 2: Quick Attack
Move 3: Blaze Kick
Move 4: Force Palm



A brightly shining sun set the perfect atmosphere for the following scene in the Dreamer's Eye. A pair of young Pokémon, bright eyed with excitement though colored with a copper tang for one and a twisted stomach for the other. This Absol and Riolu had just came out from finishing the paperwork needed to work for the Researcher’s Guild. The two, Abel and Ryan were told to familiarize themselves with the facilities. 

Abel observed each room, and when looking into the ones dedicated to research and instruction, a gleam entered his eyes one that had been missing for quite a while. Ryan sighed and shook his head, still wished they’d joined the Explorer’s Guild instead. Their tour however came to a halt when a group of Pokémon formed a quite sizable roadblock. A tangle of bodies, wings, necks and limbs composed an organic maze that would slow down traffic by a sizable amount. While most of the Pokémon gathered here filled the air with the melody of pleasant conversation except for a muttering that was oddly loud due to the black cloud that was infused in the words. The source was a Flygon towering over the rest of the Pokémon gathered there. She cut a path as several Pokémon got out of the way of her thrashing tail and wings.   

"Ohhh... Excuse me, pardon me, Leader's Assistant comin' through with important papers... C'mon guys, haven’t we done this thing already? We’re got rooms you know. For your little meeting things. Jeez, can y’all not block the hallways?"

The Flygon emerged from the crowd, arms overflowing with a fountain of research notes with a spray of several scrolls. A large blueprints tube bounced on her back, the strap crossing her chest diagonally and a metal clasp buckle shining in the light, while the verdant green of her wrists were disturbed by a ring of silver on the right arm and black on the left.

Yet a random stone blocking her foot sent her, in spite of her wings, on a collusion course with the floor. With a rush of Quick Attack however, Ryan was there to catch her in his arms. Though is legs buckled in spite of his tremendous strength cause size differences put the question of weight distribution in his feat of strength.

The Absol on the other hand scrambled, trying to leap to his hind legs and grab the scrolls and fluttering research papers. However, standing on his hind legs wasn’t something natural to his species and in the end, Abel flails about and crashes onto the floor as the papers land like snow onto his body. A curtain of snickers dropped down on the scene while the Flygon went to pick herself up from the Riolu’s arms. She sighs muttering a few choice words "Oooof, so many papers... There we go, didn’t break anything did ya?" the Flygon mutters, as she went balancing everything back into a manageable pile with several papers being placed back into her arms when they were full by the duo. She  straightened up and broke out into a cheery smile. "Thanks so much for helping me pick all these up. I swear, this is getting old." She blinks." Heeeey, wait a minute. You don't look familiar. Are you visiting the Guild?"

“Actually we just finished registering here.” Abel said “So once we finished settling in we’ll be working with you.” She breaks out in a warm smile at those words.

"Well no wonder I don’t remember you, you're new!" She inclines her long neck in the best bow she can manage without dropping everything all over again. "Welcome to the Researchers Guild! I'm Kali, I'm one of the Guild Leaders' assistants here. Pleased to meet you! And you are…?"

“Ryan’s the name, this white ball of fluff’s Abel.” The Riolu said, ruffling the Absol’s hair in the process. Abel shook his head at that, asking in a pitched voice to Ryan to stop that, at least don’t do that in front of their colleagues or seniors.

She smiles again. "Nice names! You don't hear many like that around here, but then again Andalusst is kind of a mish-mash of a whole bunch of different kinds of names. It's always nice to hear 'em since Pokémon do tend to come in from all over the place, after all. And speaking of which, did you guys get here from the fog or something?"

From the light behind Kali’s eyes and the slight groan that appeared from one or two of the other Pokemon in the group it looks like she asks this of just about every new group. Also she wasn’t budging so both the Riolu and Absol wouldn’t be going anywhere unless they answered.

“Well yeah we came in from the fog, we were looking for a better place to live.” The Riolu looked over to Abel, who was looking down at the ground downcast. “Somehow we ended up in the fog and got lost. It was only luck that we saw the beacon and ended up here. And well so this guild seemed like the best one for both of us to work at.”

"Really? Hmm, yeah, that's how it is for a few people around here. I'm not an Andalusst native myself, but I figured I'd stick around. Anyway, now that you're here and you've been registered as a team, what name did you pick?" Kali said. She waits for the response with an expectant look, and laughs lightly when it’s given.

"Hah, that's so much better than the name I used when I signed up, though wow you’re really up to using obscure references aren’t ya?. I was kind of, uh, young and silly back then, I guess you could say, so the name I used was... yeeeeaaaaah, pretty bad."

“It probably not that bad, at least it wasn’t...” Abel made to say but was silenced by a single blue paw clamping shut over his mouth. It was Ryan’s paw and he muttered into Abel’s ears that if he finished those words, then he’ll teach the Absol the punchline for the joke about what’s black, white and red on the back. Abel flushed and said “Sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with you” Kali tilts her head at the Riolu’s smirk and then went to answer another question.

"So what's your reason for joining the Guild, anyway? There are three guilds here in Andalusst, and even if I like it here with the Researchers, I know it's not the best fit for everyone since we're kinda knowledge-oriented; you could've just as easily registered with the Hunters, or the Explorers. So why here?"

Ryan’s face turned dark for a second but quickly resumed its normal expression of sassy sharp humor. But it was Abel that answered that question, not that it seemed he was comfortable doing so what with all the hesitating stops and fading out of his voice. “Well, that’s because, you see, ahh, I don’t really want to talk about it. Let’s just leave it that this was the best place for both of us to work at.”
Kali listens quite intently as your team tells its story, her earlier cheerful expression changing to one of thoughtful consideration. She spoke again. "Wow, that's quite a tale! Not many Pokémon come through here with a story in one way or another. Seems like everyone in the Guilds has a driving force behind what they do, and some reasons are... well, better than others."

She pauses, before her voice regains its chipper tone. "So that’s the "why" and the "how"; what about the "what"? What do you think made the Guild decide to accept you into the ranks?" She says this with honest curiosity, not a trace of taunt or teasing in her tone, and listens as your team lists off their skills.

“Well I’m not one to brag” But that constant gleam of teeth that Ryan showed told everyone what the Riolu thought of that “But I’m quite the Pokémon to go to when you need something gone and most normal Riolu you can trust, so a lot of other Pokémon listen when we talk.” Ryan gave a hearty smack to Abel’s back milking out a little yelp. “And Abel’s as smart as they come, really good with those limbs of his. Really... agile and fast. Though he’s not one to shove himself around. Those times I introduce others to my feet.”

"Oh wow, that's pretty cool! You guys are lucky. Y'know sometimes I wish I had a better skill set like that; then maybe I’d be more help to the Guild. Pretty much the only things I do around here are draw and deliver papers everywhere and, well, get stuck helping Archie." She says the last part with sudden venom, and your team gets the feeling that she’s not entirely fond of the Pokémon in question to the point even Abel, a bit clueless in matters like this could see it.

"I mean yeah sure he's one of the Guild Leaders, but he's just so... so... annoying, always bossing people around and taking credit for everything and acting like he's so much smarter than everyone else. Leaving me to pick up after him, and those explosions, sure I’m a Dragon and Ground type but really, that doesn’t help with what he gets up to sometimes. And I'm always the one having to put up with him since someone has to help him but everyone else always runs off before they get stuck with him instead!" Kali lets out a great huff of frustration, glancing away for a moment before remembering she has an audience. Then again some of those gathered were actually nodding.

Giving an embarrassed chuckle as her face slowly reddens, she says, "And oh gosh, there I go running my mouth, ahaha! Sorry, I'm not talking too much or anything, am I? I kind of have a tendency to ramble on sometimes... And I probably really shouldn’t be bad-mouthing Archimedes...”

With a sudden, panicked expression abruptly crossing her face as she remembers the mass of paper in her arms, she blurts, "And OH MY GOSH I still need to take care of these!"

She starts running down the hall, then abruptly pulls an about-face - accidentally whacking a passerby with her tail while doing so - to stammer, "Uh, it was nice meeting you! I'll, er, see you later, I hope?" She attempts to raise an arm to wave back, but stops when the paper pile in her arms wobbles precariously, and instead flashes a quick grin before stomping briskly away.

Abel tilted his head at her retreating back. “Well that happened.”

“I don’t know she was nice enough.” Ryan said, elbowing the Absol’s side “Real nice, bet she’s seen a lot, knows a lot willing to talk a lot with you.”

The Absol sighed and tried to keep himself from his fur taking a pink tinge. “Really Ryan, why do you keep acting like this?” And the Riolu shamelessly said that he liked the expressions the Absol had when things like this happened. Abel closed his eyes and sighed “Well we still need to find a place to stay, okay so let’s go alright?” Ryan nodded and the duo finished their tour, prepared to get to doing the next issue in their new life. Finding a new house.

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