Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Unity: Basalt Hall 1

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Team Arete’s Basalt Exploration Journal
Month XX Day XX Year XXXX
Entry One
So yeah we’ve been sent out to look at the Basalt Caverns, aren’t allowed to go to the second floor for some reason. There was some fat barboach blocking the entrance to the next room. Sure we were supposed to make sure we didn’t get on their nerves but seriously. Who could stand a jerk like that? Nobody’d blame me for shutting his fat lip up with a Force Palm to the face. Left him squirming around on the floor paralyzed, he bounced several times, guess having water types pass by all the time just make all these rocks spongy for some reason. Don’t think he’d have all that many friends with his attitude so I don’t think we’ll be having any trouble from the other barboaches. Can’t believe they put some exploding plants near the entrance door, what are they thinking?
Entry Two
Sometimes I just wish Ryan wouldn’t be so... enthusiastic to get into conflicts with others. Still I can’t be all that angry with him when he keeps on defending me. We went to the next room, it’s a good thing I have such good reflexes. Ryan almost walked off a cliff! I caught him by the scuff of the neck. Still we had to find some easy way down. This came to a hidden side path along the wall, it wound down rather long. To my surprise we found a Barboach actually trying to learn some psychic abilities. He wasn’t making much progress anyway, so far he was able to bend a spoon just barely a fraction of an inch. Still at least it was something. There wasn’t much of anything else we could have done here and that Barboach looked like he was busy. So we left that room and tried to get into the door across from the dungeon entrance. It was locked though, it’s a good thing Ryan knows Blaze Kick.
Entry Three
Guess this room was where the fishes set up their base, some silly looking flags with their ugly mugs on them flapping in wind that wasn’t there. Still I don’t think these guys are really smart. I mean really? Putting poison sting traps around a place where they’ll run around all the time? Really they must be crazy. I picked up a Fleshcap, better keep Abel from finding out. I mean we should get something from all the trouble these fishes are giving us. We kept going forward, and for some reason it got harder to breathe. Abel did something, attacked the air managed to cut it. Whatever was keeping us from breathing broke apart under Abel’s razor wind. Turns out there was another fat barboach in here, what are they eating in here to turn so big? There wasn’t much of anything interesting in the other two rooms. Looked like other teams had been in there already. They left some spoolstones around though, Abel kept picking them up. Just hope something more exciting would happen around here.
Entry Four
We went back to the room blocked off by a rotten wood door, turns out there was yet another overweight barboach behind it. I guess they’re stuffing themselves with the fleshcaps I’ve spotted on the floor. Ryan spoke about taking them but I though it would be more trouble than it was worth than to take these water types’ food. After all with these stuffed whisker pokémon, taking their food would really agitate them. Turns out this chamber has some really pleasant melodies played upon the wind. It was worth doing some deeper investigation as to the reason for why this room had actual music coming from nowhere. I gauged the atmosphere pressure and subtle vibrations with my absol senses. There was a lot of wind being blown around, gentle breezes perhaps but still significant enough. They ruffled my fur a bit but those winds I assumed would be one of the likely causes for the pleasant sounds circulated around me, Ryan and the barboach hexed to the floor. There were some exceptional rock formations within this chamber. I note they were exceptional due to the network of hollow holes within them. When I examined them more closely I could hear the songs on the wind get louder. That was one mystery solved, but imagine to my surprise that there seemed to be the beginnings of spoolstones being strung within some of the hollows and adding a delightful liveliness to the music blowing in the wind. Note that the guild might want to know of this, whether for spoolstone harvesting or just plain enjoying this wonder of natural materials being an instrument in its formation.  
Entry Five
Well we spent enough time in that Basalt place, gathered up our loot and equipment and headed to get back outside. Turns there was another barboach with a stomach as big as his ego. He was up in our faces blocking the door. First I’d thought he was mad for the rest of the whisker fish I’ve laid the smack down on. Turns out that barboach wanted to make sure nobody would talk about the bounty of fleshcaps and meatroots around the cave. You know I’ve got limits, turns out the entire day we’ve been running around this dungeon and Abel only finds one cool thing to tell the Researchers guild about. Now if we were in the Explorers’ guild, I’d be bragging about the jerk barboach around here learning respect and the things these water types seem to be planning. But know what, it wasn’t so bad spending time with Abel, just hope the next time we come here. There’s something more interesting going on.
The first explorations of Team Arete within the first floor of the Basalt Hall dungeon and a record of what they found there and who they met.
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