PMDU Errand Eleven: Parade of a Thousand Ghosts

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Ryan sighed as he let his little lantern light the way through the ruins. The more physical member of Team Arete had gone about this errand alone. The absol had deemed himself too much of a destabilizing influence for any ghost types to be guided back from Honehedge. Still it was a bit much, the riolu thought to himself as he turned back to the procession marching slowly behind him.

The Thousand-Ghost Parade. Who knew that such a strange custom could be used to gently lead the ghost types gathered at the stone circle away in such an orderly march? All it took was a candle made from the ashes of a spell tag, wax left out in the fog, and lit by a will’o wisp attack. Placed inside a lantern, it would calm troubled spirits and lead them like dustoxes around a bright light.

At first Ryan could not believe what Abel had told him was the plan for this errand. Stand out alone in the middle of the stone circle with only a single lantern on a string for light. He was to walk slowly around in a circle, eventually spiraling out  and heading to town once ghost types and spirits had gathered towards the riolu. To tell the truth Ryan had felt stupid just walking around in a circle repeatedly in the stone structure.

Then the air started to chill. His lantern flame started to flicker. The shadows grew longer. Shapes started appearing. Out from behind the pillars, down from the air, out of the shadows. Ghost types and spirits had come to follow behind Ryan. Their chattering filled with excitement soaked the air. The little fighting type could only shiver at all the gathered Pokémon that he would have difficulty touching but they would not have that problem. Once he had gathered as many ghosts and spirits as he dared. Ryan began to make his way back to the city. The ghost types followed the wavering light dancing among the night.

Gastlies soared in gentle patterns, while sableye shuffled letting their long arms swing forward and back. Demure Frosslass hovered slowly, several letting out coy glances that made Ryan’s cheeks burn. Mismagius whispered about with mischief planned. Gengars danced as they marched forward. Yamasks cried not, even showing their masks with a sort of pride and contentment. All those ghost types were in good spirits. Not one showing distress or dismay at their situation or confusion of what had occurred. And slowly making their way solemnly were dusclops keeping the parade on track. A wave of  ghost types ready to make their entrance among the city. Ryan sighed as the dim lights of the city began to appear in his vision. Whatever their client Robin was doing, the riolu hoped that she knew what was getting into.
Client: Robin
Errand: #11
Date Issued: October 30, 2014
Date Due: November 3, 2014


I got caught with a bad mouse so sadly no art this time. Ryan goes off on this errand alone,  however to fulfill the mission requirements. Abel gives him the strangest instructions...
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