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Here is a vector I have been working on of Dərpy's Partner in crime Raindrops. As seen on episode 15 "Feeling Pinkie Keen" when her and Dərpy drop a truck load on Twilight's head.
Not sure about the quality of this one. I didn't take enough time on it in my opinion. Anybody who is good at vectoring will see my mistakes and anybody else will probably just look past all that.

Screenshot Here [link]
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I her Dewdrop Dazzle but Raindrops is okay.
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Raindrops looks like they could boy either a boy or a girl. Anyone agree?
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I think she looks cuter when shes derped.
For some reason,there are like,no pictures of her derped!
Awesome vector!
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Hey Great job on the vector, I've used it in a wallpaper you can check out here: [link]
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Great vector. The wings are especially good.

I'm making a pony icon set, could I use this in it?
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Sure. Send me a link. I would love some new icons.
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Here you go, it's on my other account. [link]

Instructions are in the description.
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Whoops, I made the comment on this account. xD

Ah well, same applies!
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Looks like Snails if he was more handsome.
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is it okay if I use this to make a raindrops wallpaper?
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Sure Can. Please credit me if you are going to upload it to DA. Thanks
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You don't know who Dərpy is? Here is the actual screenshot [link] she is the fine pony I circled.
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I know who Derpy is. I don't know who Dəpry is, though.
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Okay, I'll lay it out straight for you. You misspelled Derpy in your description underneath the picture by transposing the "r" and the "p".

You should really read posts more carefully.
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I don't know what you mean. :trollface:
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Daaaaawwwwwwwww she looks so innocent even after she and derpy dropped a bunch of heavy stuff on twilight sparkle.
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Not bad! Trust me, I've seen worse. :D
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